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J-Beauty Spring Skincare Tips for Every Zodiac Sign

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J-beauty spring skincare tips for every zodiac sign

The zodiac is resetting this month! With spring in the air, it’s time for us to rethink our skincare routines. Not sure where to begin? Here’s some custom J-Beauty advice for every zodiac sign.


Fiery and impatient Aries may be eager to get her glow on this season, but she needs to hold off on aggressive quick-fixes! She wants results and wants it now, but harsh skin products such as abrasive scrubs means time wasted doing damage control later. Instead, Aries would benefit from gentler products, such as J-Beauty enzyme powders.


Taurus loves 1. being in the know, and 2. indulging herself in luxury skincare lines that make her feel like a queen. We recommend she check out the La Vie Précieuse collection – it’s trending now, popular with models and makeup experts alike!


Geminis struggle the most with sticking to a consistent skincare routine. Though the idea of a multi-step, regimented ritual seems like a great idea at first to this curious and playful sign, they are likely to call it quits, possibly in just a few days! Multi-purpose skincare products like the Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel are a match made in heaven for this busy bee. Infused with coix seed extract, the gel doubles as both a serum and moisturizer, and works wonders as a makeup primer that helps smooth skin before application.


Cancers naturally gravitate towards self-care, since they’re all about feeling good vibes 24/7! If Cancer finds herself in need of extra TLC to get through spring fever, think aromatherapy. The delicate and uplifting fragrances of plant-based skincare just might save the day.


The king of the zodiac, Leos are proud of their skin and not afraid to flaunt it! The thing is, they can get caught up chasing product after product, and forget the essentials. This spring, we suggest going back to the basics – a minimalist routine with just a few, high-quality products Leo adores.


Virgos can get incredibly perfectionist when it comes to beauty, to the point that they even develop an inferiority complex. Rather than zone in on their skin flaws this season, it would serve Virgo to embrace Suhada – the J-Beauty idea of cultivating a healthy skin base. It’s not about hiding yourself, but falling in love with your bare skin, just because! Virgos pay close attention to detail, so they’ll appreciate the value of a quality essence toner like the Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner. This soothing and hydrating cult-favorite is a must-have for mochi skin.


Libra is the sign of balance, yet Librans are so easily swayed out of balance! Slacking in diet, sleep or exercise can throw Libra skin into mayhem. Libras will want to take a well-rounded approach to skincare this spring. The ancient people of Japan would agree - preventative skincare is a lifestyle, not a crash diet! Here’s one easy way to get Libra on track: Drink more tea!


Mysterious, sensitive, and introverted, Scorpios are often homebodies who love their alone time! But not so fast, Scorpio. Just because they’re always indoors, doesn’t mean they don’t need sun protection! We advise Scorpios to step up their SPF game to guard against acne scars, sun spots, and skin aging. Yes, even on rainy days!


Much like Gemini who has trouble committing to any single routine, Sagittarius is great at jumpstarting new routines, only to abandon them days later! Sags, don’t despair. There’s an easy way to cleanse, brighten, tone and exfoliate in one step with the KITAO Matcha + Chia Exfoliating Gel. The gel buffs away dead skin cells and can be used on rough spots all over the body like cracked heels and dry elbows. Thanks to witch hazel and artichoke extracts, it helps tighten pores after exfoliation. The gel is also packed with superfoods like matcha, chia seeds, acai, and quinoa.


Disciplined, hard-working, and ambitious Capricorns are usually ALREADY masters of their J-Beauty skincare regimen. If anything, we’d suggest taking time to stop to smell the roses this season! Too much stress can lead to breakouts and skin irritation. As the geishas would say, beautiful skin comes from balance on the outside and inside.


A born crusader for Mother Nature, the Aquarian’s natural way to welcome spring is to align with J-Beauty brands that are helping the planet in 2021. Whichever issues matter most, there’s a wide variety of brands to choose from, with organic, natural, sustainable, clean and cruelty-free options aplenty.


The hustle and bustle of springtime could make escapist Pisces want to get away! So why not destress in a healthy way, in a soothing bath, complete with skin-nourishing Japanese bath salts? A little extra “me time” never hurt anybody. We recommend soaping up with a handcrafted artisan soap like one from the Mutenka Sekken collection. The brand offers a variety of cold process and hot process soaps, each formulated with specialty ingredients that cater to different skin types. Whichever you choose, it’s bound to offer a rich and creamy lather for a luxurious experience.

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