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Something exciting is happening with J-Beauty Brand La Vie Précieuse

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Something exciting is happening with J-Beauty Brand La Vie Précieuse

Something super exciting is happening with J-Beauty skincare brand La Vie Précieuse! Just this February 22nd, La Vie Précieuse was featured on CBS Tampa Bay’s Great Day Live, a live lifestyle tv show that airs weekday mornings from 9 to 10 a.m. on 10News WTSP. In the video clip, Great Day Live host Kendall Kirkham joins lifestyle expert Yesenia De Avila, as she gushes about a few of her favorite beauty and wellness picks for spring 2021.

Among Yesenia’s finds is the A.P.G. Line by La Vie Précieuse. Not only La Vie Précieuse, but Kendall and Yesenia mention an overall recent “spike in popularity in organic and natural skincare from Japan.” Yesenia goes on to explain that historically, beauty and wellness products surge in demand in challenging times. It’s no surprise, then, that since the 2020 pandemic, people are on the lookout for products that specifically improve skin hygiene and DIY at-home skincare. People are growing more concerned about the ingredients they put on their faces, and getting savvy about researching and educating themselves. They’re asking questions like “What exactly goes into my skincare products? Does it work? And is it healthy for my skin?”

So why the increased spotlight on J-Beauty brands? Put simply – they’re effective! Brands like La Vie Précieuse are loaded with natural ingredients that fuel your skin, plus they’re incredibly no-fuss, with just a few products. This makes it a realistic routine you can keep up, and still expect results. Yesenia, who often spends time backstage at New York Fashion Week asking models and make-up artists about their latest skin obsessions, found that this year La Vie Précieuse’s A.P.G. collection came up on top! Eager to try it out for herself, Yesenia started using the line and has been noticing a difference in her skin ever since.

We see that cult skincare lines are more popular than ever in these changing times. When it comes to cult J-Beauty favorites, we think that it may be because of their unique natural ingredients, many of which are unavailable and even unheard of in the U.S. For example, the La Vie Précieuse line contains proteoglycan, a hydrating ingredient extracted from the nasal cartilage of salmon. People are also more and more keen to support local beauty brands, so it’s certainly a plus that La Vie Précieuse’s skin barrier protecting AP ceramide is derived from apples grown locally in Aomori, Japan. The icing on the cake is that both proteoglycan and AP ceramide are sustainable ingredients, sourced from discarded salmon heads and apple cores respectively.

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