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What is "Suhada" and why are we so in love?

Posted by Jbeauty Collection on
What is Suhada and why are we so in love

Ohh, #Suhada. Where do we even begin to explain this profound concept?

“素” (“su”) meaning bare or uncovered, and “肌” (“hada”) meaning skin, roughly translated Suhada means one’s bare skin. But Suhada goes beyond skin-deep, no pun intended.

Japanese people often use the word “Su” to describe something real. Such as “Su no Jibun”, my real, unmasked self, or “Sunao”, of unmasked character, one who wears her heart on her sleeve. In a world of social distancing, it may seem ironic to be talking about “unmasking” ourselves, but rest assured - keep your masks on! We’re talking about the inner unmasking here.

Though we may not stop to think about it, skin is actually an incredibly deep topic. Sure, there’s the skin we think of on a biological level. That’s the skin that protects you from environmental pollutants and soaks up Vitamin D from the sun. But what about the skin you’re in? Do you feel secure in your skin? In this new normal, have you gone from hiding behind makeup, to hiding behind a screen? Do you still feel the need to add on something to yourself, to feel whole and complete? If you’re nodding “yes”, then you’re on the right track, because you’re brave enough to admit it. We’re constantly navigating a world where people have learned to hide behind smartphones and social media personas, even to the point of feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. “Su” is that bare and uncovered side of ourselves, which though we may share with only a handful, we really long to share with everyone. We long to celebrate it with everyone.

So what does this mean when it comes to skincare? Is the beauty industry all just smoke and mirrors? We don’t think so. At least, it doesn’t have to be that way. It all boils down to how you approach your daily routine. It doesn’t matter if you love a glamorous finish or the girl-next-door look, as long as it’s authentically you. Suhada is all about creating a healthy skin base to start with, so that you feel confident in your skin, whether your makeup routine is 10 minutes or 2 hours, or zero for that matter! If you wear makeup, a nourished suhada will ensure that your diligent application pays off! And if you’re more of a Netflix marathon homebody, you should feel as equally comfortable just chilling on the couch.

We’re definitely not disowning social media either - in fact, if you know us even a little, you know we’re huge fans ourselves! But if you’ve been feeling out of touch, now you can start doing it in a way where you’re expressing your true self, rather than trying to be someone else.

The reason we’ve chosen #Suhada as our brand hashtag is because we feel skincare should do exactly this - encourage us to be kind to ourselves, which really means embracing our bare selves first. It means allowing ourselves to nourish our bodies both inside and out. That’s when we get that radiant, healthy glow - when we’ve taken good care of ourselves simply because we deserve the best. That’s when people notice. Oh, and the best part? You weren’t even trying.

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