La Vie Précieuse

For a revitalized skin.
Your shining life starts with caring for your skin.
We believe it is our given mission to support you.
La Vie Précieuse is formulated with a blend of naturally derived ingredients based on the *A.P.G. Clear-Lift Theory. Through research collaboration with universities, our formulation harnesses the skin's inherent nature to attain its utmost potential. *Includes Apple-derived Ceramide (Apple Fruit Extract), Proteoglycan, and Glycyrrhizinate Extract.
La Vie Précieuse was awarded the Outstanding Performance for JAPAN-MADE BEAUTY AWARD in 2018, as the brand appeals their origin of Aomori prefecture in Japan.
Proteoglycan, one of the key ingredients in La Vie Précieuse has won the prestigious NEXTY Award for Best New Ingredient at Natural Products Expo West in 2017.
La Vie Précieuse

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La Vie Précieuse

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La Vie Précieuse

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