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About The JBeauty Collection

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Meet Ayako, your J-Beauty guide

One day, walking through the aisles of a beauty store, I found it strange that there were so few J-Beauty brands in the US — when there are thousands of high quality products in Japan, rooted in centuries of research and unique natural ingredients.

The JBeauty Collection is curated by a diverse team of beauty experts with a mission to demystify the Japanese beauty philosophy.

You don’t have to travel 6000 miles and spend hundreds of hours scouring through Japan to find the best of the best in J-Beauty. We did all of that for you.

Our Promise

“Made in Japan” beauty 

We are committed to introducing products exclusively from Japan. Become an insider on the latest J-Beauty cult favorites, timeless skincare routines and innovative products straight from Japan.

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Products you can trust

We've carefully selected products made with high-quality ingredients, including those that are naturally sourced from Japan. We aim to introduce clean, cruelty-free brands and products that promote eco-friendly and sustainable practices. 

Simplicity and minimalism
in beauty

Focused on quality over quantity, the J-Beauty routine is usually simplified to the bare minimum. Because each product brings long-lasting efficacy, there is no need to pile on a ton of products to your skin. Plus, the fewer the items, the more minimal our impact is to the environment.

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