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Why Natural Ingredients Make All the Difference in Japanese Beauty Products

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Natural Skincare Ingredients in Japanese Beauty Products

Japan is host to some of the most vibrantly healthy people on earth. This is thanks in part to a healthy diet that promotes internal wellness and a sense of harmony. In addition to being healthy on the inside, Japanese women are known for their beautiful, radiant skin. This radiant skin is the result of the wide variety of nourishing, natural skincare ingredients used in many Japanese beauty products. As an example, just a few of the ingredients at the core of a traditional Japanese diet (green tea, rice, camelia oil, kombu sea kelp) are also frequently used in Japanese skincare routines.

Harvesting of Botanical Ingredients an Art Passed from One Japanese Generation to the Next

In fact, small-scale farming and the harvesting of botanical ingredients are considered an almost spiritual art in Japan, passed down from generation to generation. Remember, the skin is the body’s largest organ. When you think about it like that, you begin to understand how using natural ingredients topically allows for the absorption of those health benefits on the outside.

Natural Ingredients Provide Simplicity to Skincare

Along with natural ingredients, simplicity is another key tenet of Japanese skincare formulations. Why so simple? Because beauty should be more about prevention rather than cure. When you combine simplicity and nature, you automatically have a winning combination. The Japanese skincare market has literally exploded over the past decade. This is due in part to the fact that the Japanese were among the first to discover natural skincare treatments, formulating them into high-quality skincare products.

Fewer Chemicals Equal Pure, Glowing Skin

Overall, Japanese beauty products contain fewer chemicals, making them kinder to the skin, and stripping away fewer of the skin’s natural oils. Western brands are taking notice of the Japanese beauty industry’s pioneering practices—of course, all women want pure, clean, radiant, glowing skin! A consistent skincare regimen of high-quality, natural ingredients is the simplest, most effective way to achieve a gorgeous, natural glow.

The Natural Skincare Ingredients Used in La Vie Précieuse

Some of the incredible natural skincare ingredients used in JBeauty’s La Vie Précieuse line include the following:  


Sweet, Crisp Apples are the key ingredient of the unique, apple-derived ceramide found in La Vie Précieuse. Not only does an apple a day benefit your inside health, it benefits your skin as well! And who doesn’t love a perfect, crisp apple? In the far northern region of mainland Japan, you will find Aomori—the largest apple-producing prefecture in the country. The cool climate of Aomori is perfect for the cultivation of sweet, crisp apples. About 20 percent of Aomori’s apples are squeezed into juice, leaving behind some 14,000 tons of unused waste. Kazuhide Miura, the founder of La Vie Précieuse, worked diligently to find a method of utilizing those apples to eliminate as much waste as possible, revealing a unique apple ceramide. Years and years of research at the Hokkaido Agricultural Research center went into the discovery of this apple-derived ceramide. As you may know, ceramides are fatty acids in the skin that hold the skin barrier together that limits moisture loss and dehydration. Apple oils contain this essential fatty acids that plump and hydrate skin, adding natural exfoliants, skin conditioners, and antioxidants to your skincare routine. This apple ceramide protects the skin from free radical damage, helping to slow the signs of aging. It reach every part of your skin, enveloping the water in the skin, filling it with rich moisture. So take that “apple a day” adage to heart—for your inside health and the health of your skin.

Licorice roots

Another natural skincare ingredient used in La Vie Précieuse’s nourishing skincare collection is also found in Aomori. High-quality licorice roots from which Glycyrrhizinate is extracted, are grown in the low-humidity climate of Aomori. The plant produces long purple, to pale whitish-blue flowers, which are a sweet-tasting constituent used in candies. Licorice root extract has also been used for medicinal remedies for thousands of years. Licorice root extract benefits everything from the common cold to liver disease. When used in skincare products, licorice root offers remarkable anti-inflammatory properties while soothing and nourishing the skin. Glycyrrhizinate is a fundamental ingredient for achieving soft, hydrated skin, after the licorice grows for over two years amid a harsh natural environment. As a skin-conditioning agent, glycyrrhizinate improves dry or damaged skin by restoring supplements and reducing flaking. Glycyrrhizinate softens the skin, allowing superior permeation of other beauty ingredients. Glycyrrhizate has even been used as a treatment for eczema, due to its ability to reduce redness and irritation, and has been shown to help preserve the levels of hyaluronic acid—a key molecule involved in maintaining skin hydration, with an ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. If you’ve only thought of licorice as a sweet treat, now you know it also provides remarkable benefits to your skin.


A third crucial ingredient in JBeauty’s La Vie Précieuse skincare products is proteoglycan, extracted from the nasal cartilage of salmon. Research at the Hirosaki University developed an effective, less expensive extraction method for proteoglycan, using it in skincare products to deliver water retention 1.3 times more than that of hyaluronic acid. Proteoglycan provides superior levels of elasticity to skin and, according to Clinical Education, “proteoglycans are critical to the health of the extracellular matrix.” Proteoglycans affect the structural integrity of the skin by retaining moisture in the tissues. As skin ages and is exposed repeatedly to the effects of the sun, the composition of proteoglycans in the skin shifts dramatically. This results in diminished hydration, altered wound healing, and a drop in skin elasticity. Proteoglycans derived from salmon cartilage can restore the natural loss of proteoglycans found naturally in humans. So, while salmon nasal cartilage may seem like an odd choice for skincare, proteoglycans bring superior hydration to your skin. Moreover, we believe proteoglycans will be the next big anti-aging skincare ingredient—even better than hyaluronic acid and collagen.

If you are like most women, you want a simple skincare routine. You also want skincare products that produce radiant, youthful skin, and would prefer natural skincare ingredients to harsh chemicals. We hear you! JBeauty’s La Vie Précieuse skincare line takes your skin and your senses to a place of beauty and relaxation. We provide a simple, yet effective skincare routine that will help you age well, naturally. Our natural skincare ingredients improve the texture of your skin gently, without the harsh chemicals so often seen in skincare products in America.

A simplified beauty regimen with products that deliver more than one intended benefit is central to the success of our skincare line. This type of simplistic skincare routine has been passed down over generations, and now benefits you, your skin, and your busy lifestyle. Our goal is to offer preventative care and long-term benefits, using the most natural skincare ingredients available. These exceptional ingredients hydrate, soothe, nourish, restore elasticity, reduce redness and irritation, and help preserve the levels of hyaluronic acid in your skin. When you want a simple, high-quality skincare routine made with carefully sourced natural ingredients, we hope you will consider JBeauty’s La Vie Précieuse.  

The Natural Skincare Ingredients Used in KITAO Matcha

KITAO Matcha is a superfood-infused skincare line that is great for all skin types.


Known for its vibrant green color and smooth velvety texture, matcha is packed with antioxidants like catechins that protect the skin from premature aging and sun damage. KITAO sources its ECO-CERT certified organic matcha straight from the rolling tea plantations in Kyoto, Japan.


Although quinoa is a popular health food, the nutrient-rich whole grain also offers several skincare benefits. Its mineral and amino acid content are thought to help preserve elasticity and a plump appearance.


Another superfood that needs no introduction, this dark purple fruit is full of antioxidants like anthocyanins and vitamins A, C, and E which help to maintain beautiful, glowing skin.

Chia Seed

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, when applied topically, chia seeds are said to help retain moisture, protect the skin barrier function, and even remove dead skin cells. If anyone knows J-Beauty, it’s KITAO Matcha. The brand has been around for a whopping 100 years, having launched back in 1919. True to J-Beauty philosophy, KITAO offers a simple approach to a healthy glow with just a few straightforward steps.

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