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How a Japanese Woman Applies Her Skincare Products—and Why It’s Very Different Than How an American Woman Does the Same

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How a Japanese Woman Applies Her Skincare Products

The way skincare products are applied could definitely spark an argument however, Japanese beauty has some pretty definite thoughts regarding this subject. Unfortunately, many of us rub our skin while going through our morning or evening skincare routines. Patting is much preferred to rubbing by most Japanese skincare experts—in fact, Japanese women are generally very careful not to rub their skin, even avoiding facial wipes and foregoing rubbing with a towel to dry their face after washing or a shower. Instead of roughly rubbing their skin, Japanese women gently pat their faces dry.

Always Pat or Press When Drying or Applying Skincare Products

Rubbing is especially problematic in the under eye area, as it creates significant levels of frictional force on your skin. Rubbing can be irritating, creating unnecessary inflammation around the eyes. The skin under the eyes is very thin, therefore, more susceptible to breaking down, developing fine lines and wrinkles, and becoming even thinner and looser as we age.

When you gently pat or press skincare products on, you minimize pull and drag on your skin. Not only is it less damaging to your skin, the absorption and effectiveness of the skincare products are vastly increased. It is often recommended by Japanese skincare experts that you warm up the product in your hands, then gently press it into your face.

How Do Japanese Women Cleanse Their Skin?

Japanese women also wash their face with lukewarm water—not hot. Many Japanese beauty skincare routines begin with gently massaging a light oil cleanser or creamy, milky cleanser into the skin. Then a foamy face wash is used to get the skin ready for the essence toner, emulsion, and cream to follow. Japanese women are not fans of aggressive exfoliation with harsh formulas and chemicals, believing in gentle skincare which includes cleansing, hydrating and sealing.

What is the Basic Skincare Routine in Japan?

The basic Japanese skincare routine can be summarized as:

  • Thorough and gentle cleansing;
  • Gently pressing or patting with a hydrating essence toner;
  • Locking in the moisture with a balancing emulsion, and
  • Sealing everything in with a high-quality moisturizing cream.

What is the Japanese Essence Toner?

There really is no American equivalent to the Japanese hydrating essence toner. Like American toners, they are watery, and applied after cleansing, but are neither astringent, nor meant to wipe away a shoddy cleansing job. The Japanese essence toner is patted or pressed onto the skin and left there, leaving the skin soft and hydrated and ready to accept the nutrients to come next. Japanese women believe strongly in hydration, which technically, is adding water to the skin, rather than oils. Japanese essence toners tend to be full of water-pushing humectants like ceramides and hyaluronic acid. On a normal day, you can apply the essence toner in the mornings and evenings after cleansing.

Follow the Essence Toner with an Emulsion and Cream for Glowing Skin

The “hydrate” stage of the Japanese “Cleanse, Hydrate, and Seal,” includes both an essence toner and an emulsion. The Japanese mindset lends itself to more gentle layers over one thick application of a heavy, oily, product. If your skin is particularly dehydrated, you will finally add an extra layer of hydration with a cream, which is patted into the skin, particularly under the eye area.  

Getting the Skin You Deserve from La Vie Précieuse Skincare Line

J-Beauty’s La Vie Précieuse line was awarded the Outstanding Performance for Japan-Made Beauty Award in 2018. One of the key ingredients, proteoglycan, won the prestigious NEXTY Award for the Best New Ingredient at the Natural Products Expo West in 2017. Proteoglycan, the “magical” ingredient, was- discovered in the 1970s, however, the extraction process was difficult and costly that it was not used in a skincare product for 40 years until an effective extraction method was found. Our high-quality La Vie Précieuse skincare products include:

La Vie Précieuse APG Essence Toner: This essence toner softens tight skin, offering superior rehydrating properties.

La Vie Précieuse APG Hydrator: The second step is a hydrator or emulsion that envelops the skin in a veil of moisture, supplying the essential oils required by the skin for a healthy, beautiful appearance.

La Vie Précieuse APG CreamNext, comes a cream that reinforces the properties of the first two products, resulting in a revitalized, resilient skin.

What Ingredients Provide La Vie Précieuse Skincare Users with Superior Results?

The “secret sauce” of La Vie Précieuse skincare products—and the key ingredient—is the Aomori apple-derived ceramides. This apple extract has ceramides filling your skin with rich moisture.

The proteoglycans are extracted from salmon nasal cartilage, offering water retention 1.3 times as effective as hyaluronic acid, aiding collagen to provide supple, beautiful skin. Finally, the formula adds Glycyrrhizinate, an extract from licorice roots, which softens skin for improved permeation of the other beauty ingredients, giving you a double moisture retention structure.

If you want your skin to glow and you also want high-quality, natural ingredients in your skincare products, it’s time to try La Vie Précieuse skincare products!


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