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What we can learn from the Japanese Skincare Routine

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What We Can Learn From The Japanese Skincare Routine

J-Beauty continues to be trending topic in the beauty world. You may wonder what a Japanese woman’s skincare routine actually looks like. While the routine or products may differ somewhat according to the age and particular skin conditions, there are many things we Americans can learn from J-Beauty. Let’s take a look at the Japanese skincare routines of 3 different women from 3 different age groups! 

Japanese Skincare Routine for a Teenager

A Japanese teen will follow the basic skincare routine of removing makeup, washing the face, hydrating the skin and sealing the moisture with cream. 

Japanese teens are likely to use an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen, and environmental debris. American teens are generally taught to strip the skin of oil to avoid acne, however, Japanese teens are looking for a balance of water and oil. After removing makeup with the cleanser of choice, the next step is to remove the water-based impurities with a foaming cleanser. This is also called “double-cleanse, which is washing your face twice; the first cleanse removes oil-based debris such as makeup, sunscreen, and pollutants, while the second cleanse removes water-based impurities like sweat. This ensures everything that’s accumulated on the skin is adequately removed, and allows for maximum penetration of the products that follow. Double cleansing is only for night-time; if you double-cleanse in the morning, you risk stripping your skin of its natural oils.  Teens are more likely to need pore treatment, and in Japan, younger women pay a lot of attention to reducing the visibility of pores.

A toner in Japan is not the harsh astringent we are used to in America. A Japanese toner is referred to as an essence toner. This essence toner is essential in hydrating your skin. Next, a Japanese teen may use an emulsion, which is lighter than a cream but infused with nutrients. The emulsion is pressed gently onto the skin to soften your skin while maintaining a good balance of water and oil.

A Japanese teen’s serum, used after the emulsion, is a bit different from what an older woman might use, in that it may target acne, rather than wrinkles or skin that is losing elasticity. Finally, a moisturizing cream is applied to seal in all the moisture. Japanese girls are taught to avoid sun damage from a young age, therefore, sunscreen is a must in most teens’ daily skincare routine.

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Japanese Skincare Routine for the 20s-30s

Now consider the skincare routine of 28-year-old Japanese model, Rola. Rola is a beauty icon with more than five million Instagram followers. In addition to her successful modeling career, Rola is an author, an actress, and a television host. Rola’s skincare “mantra” is “whatever your routine, don’t skip it!” Rola notes that even when she is tired at the end of the day, or her skincare routine is inconvenient, she never ever skips the traditional Japanese skincare steps of cleansing, applying an essence toner and a serum, and hydrating with a cream.

Sometimes Rola adds more steps, when she has the time, or when her skin is feeling neglected, but she never skips the basics. Rola’s cleansing oil can vary by brand, but she loves an oil with a high-quality texture that feels luxurious but is made from natural ingredients. Of course, Rola nourishes her body from the inside as well. She eats vegan whenever possible, leaning toward a traditional Japanese diet. When she’s not working, Rola makes a point of going bare-faced, or “suppin-kao.”   

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Japanese Skincare Routine for the Mature Skin

The mature Japanese women in their 40s-50s follows a skincare routine much like the younger women but will pay extra attention to sun damage and aging signs on their skin. In the morning, a gentle foamy cleanser is used, followed by the essence toner—which hydrates the skin and preps it for the coming products—an emulsion, and a bit of cream pressed on, particularly under the eyes as well as lines on the forehead or around the mouth. The J-Beauty brand, La Vie Précieuse is the perfect anti-aging skincare line for those who want to replenish the lost moisture in their skin.

The nighttime skincare routine is much the same, with the addition of a cream or milk cleanser to remove makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It’s important to note that Japanese women of all ages are fastidious about UV care, always applying sunscreen every single day.

No matter your age, or whether you’re Japanese, American, or any other culture, the Japanese skincare routine will leave you with youthful, luminous skin!

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