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Earth Day Special: 6 tips for eco-friendly cleansing in 2024

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Eager to support sustainable beauty? In honor of Earth Day this month, we’ve rounded up tips for a more conscious cleansing routine. Here are 6 simple ways you can reduce your impact today.

1. Enzyme Powders

Probably the most underrated exfoliators on the market, enzyme powders are dry cleansers that transform into a foam when mixed with water and applied to wet skin. The enzyme content you can find in products like KITAO Matcha + Chia Enzyme Powder allows them to buff away dead skin cells and impurities trapped in pores, to reveal a smooth soft glow. Since they’re devoid of any liquids, enzyme powders tend to contain fewer preservatives than gel, cream, and balm alternatives, which also makes them an ideal candidate for sensitive skin types. The 100% powder formulation means that they not only save water, but they can sit on your shelf for a long time without going bad. Also, unlike plastic microbead exfoliants, which have a bad rep for endangering aquatic life, J-Beauty enzyme exfoliants are usually sourced directly from mother earth – grains, seeds, fruits, tea, and other plant materials. They readily decompose in the environment, helping you meet your exfoliation needs without compromising sustainability.

KITAO Matcha + Chia Enzyme Powder

KITAO Matcha + Chia Enzyme Powder

2. Cold Process Soaps

Cold process soaps are bar soaps that are produced in a heat-free process, which better preserves the benefits of plant-derived butters and oils like shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. The cold process method is often used to create vegan bar soaps and all-natural bar soaps like our MUTENKA SEKKEN Cold Press Soaps. Another perk is that cold process soaps are free of harsh detergents, so they tend to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Plus, Japanese cold process soaps are usually 100% biodegradable, making them score points for both nontoxic and ecofriendly skincare.

Mutenka Sekken Charcoal Cold Process Soap

Mutenka Sekken Charcoal Cold Process Soap

3. Hot Process Soaps

While J-Beauty hot process soaps are exposed to high temperatures, which can make them less appealing than their cold process counterparts, they still make the cut for sustainable skincare at a very affordable price point. First, let’s talk packaging. Japanese bar soaps are usually wrapped in just a simple paper or thin cardboard packaging, which helps curb waste. They’re also long-lasting both on the shelf and in the shower, as long as you store your bar soap on a well-drained or highly breathable soap dish (like our Soil Soap Dish) in between uses. Both hot process and cold process soaps double as body cleansers as well, so they make the perfect gift for the multi-purpose ultra-minimalist.

Mutenka Sekken Chamomile Hot Process Soap

Mutenka Sekken Chamomile Hot Process Soap

4. Konjac Sponge

On the rise in the world of sustainable skincare, konjac sponges like our YAMAMOTO FARM konjac sponges are plant-based exfoliators made from konjac, a porous root vegetable that expands when dunked in water. They’re 100% biodegradable, so you can toss them out along with the rest of your compost. They’re also low-impact for another reason - they don’t require as much packaging compared to liquid jar, tube, or bottle exfoliators. 

KOMACHI Konjac Sponge (Charcoal)

5. Foaming Net

In case the dear old foaming net hasn’t gotten enough love from us already, we’re letting you know (for the last time) that foaming nets are your number one tool for the ultimate cleansing experience. Considered a staple item in most J-Beauty skincare routines, foaming nets transform cushion cleansers or foam cleansers into a micro-bubble foam that easily extracts impurities and dirt from pores. Because foaming nets can create a gigantic lather from just a nickel-sized drop of product, they’re a sure-fire way to stretch the life of your cleanser to the maximum. Not only do they prevent product wastage, but they ensure that you get your best-ever skin detox.

Eco friendly J-Beauty cleansing products


6. Cleansing Balms

The perfect fusion of nourishing oils and effective cleansers, cleansing balms offer a masterful combo of deep cleansing, makeup removal, and hydration all at once. Cleansing balms are solid at room temperature but melt into a milky oil upon contact with the skin. Their cream-to-oil formulas effortlessly dissolve even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and sunscreen without harsh tugging or pulling, so they won’t inflame the skin. Since just a small dab of product goes a long way, cleansing balms are an economical choice as well. Cleansing balms are suitable for all skin types including, yes – you guessed it, oily. Emollients and emulsifiers help to uphold a natural moisture balance of oil and water, ensuring that the skin enjoys a deep cleanse without over-drying. Balms like the UNNATURALLY NATURAL Clarify Cleansing Balm are a rich blend of carefully curated skin-loving ingredients like sunflower seed oil, squalene, and hot spring water. Known for their consciously sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, the brand is committed to sustainability at multiple checkpoints. Their products are also certified vegan and cruelty-free. If purposeful design and high-performance ingredients matter to you most, this is a brand to keep on your radar.

UNNATURALLY NATURAL Clarify Cleansing Balm



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