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6 ways to transition your J-Beauty skincare routine from summer to fall

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5 ways to transition your J-Beauty skincare routine from summer to fall

Excited for fall 2023, but not sure why your skin isn’t? Maybe it’s feeling dry, or your makeup isn’t sitting as well, or you’re noticing unwelcome sun spots from summer. Either way, a change of seasons calls for a change of habits, and it’s the perfect opportunity to re-assess your go-to routine. Here are 6 ways to make your transition into fall skincare as easy-breezy as possible.

1. Rethink your sunscreen

Once summer fun in the sun has passed, people usually make the mistake of ditching their sunscreen altogether. Just because we’ve put our beach days behind us, does not mean we’re out of the woods with sun damage. Sun rays are deceptively strong all year round and seep in  through cars, homes, and other building windows, making sun protection a daily necessity. However, even hardcore sunscreen advocates make mistakes when it comes to sun care. Many people continue to apply their summer favorite, without considering how seasonal transitions affect our skin. A J-Beauty gel with SPF 50 may have been perfect on a hot humid day, but it may no longer be ideal in fall’s cooler and drier weather. Instead, you may want to opt for SPF-infused skincare products that provide an additional boost of moisture, such as essences, milks and BB creams.

2. Rethink your makeup

As with sunscreen, you’ll also want to consider your makeup routine’s compatibility with the changing seasons. Although mattifying foundations and powders may have sounded like a good idea in sweaty summer, it might be wise to switch to hydrating foundations, makeup primers, and tinted moisturizers in the fall to prevent flakiness and keep your skin nourished. J-Beauty CC creams are a great way to conceal blemishes, plus they leave you with a natural, translucent glow.

3. Consider hypoallergenic skincare products

At the turn of the season, the skin can become delicate and you may find that your summer routine isn’t suiting you anymore. If your skin is prone to sensitivity or irritation, you may want to try hypoallergenic skincare products. Since Japan tends to experience dramatic seasonal changes, many J-Beauty skincare brands have released skincare and bath products free of fragrances, additives, artificial coloring, and alcohol for sensitive skin types. Mineral cosmetics can also prove a great makeup alternative during this time.

4. Try a humidifier

Dry skin often follows sudden temperature plummets. Sometimes, the skin can turn rough and scaly, and no matter how much moisturizer you apply, the skin is unable to retain sufficient moisture on its own. If you’re spiraling downward like this, it’s likely that the problem is more external than internal, but small environmental modifications can help our skin cope. Japanese people usually whip out the humidifier in such cases. It helps to maintain moisture levels in the skin, and it can also be a worthy aid for smoother makeup application.

5. Pay attention to skincare application

Amazing products can truly go to waste if you don’t know how to use them. When applying a J-Beauty essence, make sure to “hand press” it into your skin with upward motions instead of just lightly patting it on your face. This will help the essence to penetrate your pores more easily. Warming up your emulsions and creams with your hands before application will allow them to absorb more smoothly into your skin. As basic as they sound, these ABCs of J-Beauty skincare application can really pay off when your skin is in serious need of a dry weather rescue.

 6. Gently exfoliate

Depending on where you live, the transition from scorching heat to a cool crisp breeze can be shocking to the skin. If by fall your skin has turned dull and gloomy, it’s likely because it’s still experiencing the aftereffects of summer’s harsh UV rays. During the summer, the skin tends to build up a thick outer layer to defend itself from the impact of sun damage. While this helps to protect the skin, it can also leave it feeling rough and lackluster. Targeted aftercare like exfoliators are an easy way to clarify and brighten dull and tired skin, and they can be applied well into the fall season. Our current obsession is the KITAO Matcha & Chia Exfoliating Gel, which buffs away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a soft and smooth layer of skin. Loaded in superfoods matcha, quinoa, chia seed, acai, and nutrient-dense artichoke leaf extract, the gel leaves skin more hydrated, radiant, and with visibly smaller pores. The gel is gentle enough to use on all skin types, and it’s encouraged to rub it all over on dry elbows, cracked heels, and any part of the body calling for some extra TLC!

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