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Fall 2021 J-Beauty skincare tips for every zodiac sign

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Fall 2021 J-Beauty skincare tips for every zodiac sign


Go-getter Aries is likely hustling to make the most of fall’s new beginnings! They’ll want to have a supply of individually wrapped Japanese sheet masks on hand to replenish their skin on the fly. With daily, weekly, overnight, luxury, and travel edition masks to choose from, busy bee Aries will find sheet masks a convenient and affordable beauty companion.


Taurus pays such close attention to their extremely regimented self-care routine that they’re already acing their cleansing game. They can take their lather to a new level by pairing their favorite foam cleanser with a J-Beauty foaming net. The foaming net will help to create micro-bubbles that can easily draw out impurities and dirt from pores. 


Social butterfly Gemini, are you sure you’re not still in summer mode? Fun-loving Geminis are likely to be out and about this season. They can stay skin-healthy and hydrated with a daily dose of Japanese plum syrup. Japanese plums or umeboshi are packed with powerful antioxidants and electrolytes that help the body recover from fatigue and maintain a healthy appetite. 


Cancer might be feeling moody as we transition from sunny days into cooler weather. If exhausted by the sudden serious pace of fall, Cancers should wind down their days with an ultra-simple self-care ritual of just a few essential products. #Skinimalism not only helps reduce physical clutter but can help with mental clutter, too.


Leo is always ready for the spotlight. This fall, they’ll want to turn to tsubaki oil for luscious locks that will keep them looking and feeling glam all night. Tsubaki oil is nutrient-dense yet quick-absorbing and lightweight, so it’ll nourish the hair without making it greasy.


Perfectionist Virgo will want to pair Japanese charcoal infused toothpaste with a charcoal bristle toothbrush to protect their pearly whites this season. Japanese charcoal is said to help support teeth whitening and cleaning, due to its abilities to purify and extract bacteria.


Libra has a distinctive edge when it comes to all things Venus related, so they’re naturals at mastering new makeup techniques. They’ll love playing around with natural J-Beauty makeup trends, such as soft eyebrows, shimmery eyelids, and effortless base makeup.


Scorpio natives are devoted, and they’re likely to commit to one specially chosen skincare product or new ingredient at a time. This fall, they might fall in love with licorice root extract (glycyrrhizinate). When used consistently, it can help to brighten the skin, heal scars, and reduce discoloration that occurred due to UV damage in the previous sunny season.


Sagittarius by nature loves discovering nifty products, and they’re always on the hunt for clever ways to protect their skin. Sun protection is a year-round necessity, so Sags should invest in season appropriate UV guard clothing, like UV guard fall tights and long-sleeved shirts. Bonus points if they keep arm gloves on hand in the car!


J-beauty bars soaps are a match made in heaven for this sign. Capricorns not only prize efficiency, but they’re master economizers who always get the most bang for their buck. Bar soaps are both long-lasting and cost-effective since they can be used on the face and body.


Aquarius is ultra-modern and goes after the most cutting-edge beauty products. This season, they’ll want to get their hands on a Japanese at-home head spa treatment. These DIY devices simulate the touch of a trained aesthetician, and are said to help support a healthy scalp, reduce hair thinning, create shiny voluminous locks, and even help lift the facial skin.


Like Capricorn, Pisces will also love J-Beauty bar soaps, but for a totally different reason. The dreamer of the zodiac, natural ingredients like ocean mud clay, rose clay, bamboo charcoal, and kelp powder will make them feel like they’ve just escaped to a getaway island or vacation spot.

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