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Scalp treatment with Japanese head spas

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Scalp treatment with Japanese head spas

In the quest to achieve gorgeous and healthy locks, our scalps often take a back seat in hair care. Considering that the scalp is where hair growth begins, it’s pretty darn important. Let’s take a look at the Japanese beauty technique that is said to give you long, luscious hair – and more.

Why is scalp treatment important?

In the way that facials deep cleanse, treat, and nourish our skin, head spas give specialized attention to the scalp, which often gets so neglected in our daily hair care routines. In fact, the scalp often bears the brunt of styling heat, dry shampoo, and residue from styling products. Excess dead skin cells can accumulate on the scalp, leading to inflammation and the buildup of bacteria that promote irritating conditions such as dandruff. To allow the scalp’s follicular pores to breathe, it is vital that we regularly cleanse the scalp of clogging substances and upkeep our scalp health. After all, the scalp is skin, and the health of our hair depends on the natural oils, vitamins, and minerals that help keep the scalp in tip top shape.

What is a Japanese head spa?     

A Japanese head spa is a scalp massage treatment that gently stimulates pressure points and increases blood flow throughout the scalp. If the idea of immediate stress relief and better sleep isn’t already enough, the benefits of this head reflexology treatment extend far beyond basic relaxation. Head spas are said to help create shiny voluminous locks, mend dry and oily scalp, and reduce hair thinning and dandruff. And here’s an added bonus you probably wouldn’t expect – a natural facelift. This is because scalp muscle supports face muscles to prevent saggy skin, and the increased oxygen to the hair follicles helps to keep the scalp muscle in shape. This feels especially important in current times. Long hours of wearing masks and working from home has led to stiffened scalps, saggy skin, and constricted blood flow in many of us. A head massage would help to increase blood flow and release tension built up during these months.

At-home Japanese head spa treatments

Many beauty salons in Japan offer head spa treatments as a service, but there are plenty of DIY devices that allow you to enjoy a head spa from the comfort of your own home. The technology of Japanese at-home head spa devices is advanced, with many designed to recreate the touch of a trained professional. Some have rotating protrusions that gently scrape out dirt from the hair follicles, while others emit low electric frequencies to stimulate the scalp pinpointedly. There is a wide range of Japanese head spa devices each with their own unique features, but the common aim is to purify the scalp as well as improve scalp and hair health. The head spa devices are also usually portable and ideal for people on the go who can’t afford to make frequent trips to the beauty salon. 

Our scalps deserve extra attention

Let’s face it. Our scalp care has often taken last priority, when it really should be at the forefront of any hair care regimen. Head spas are not only a form of preventative skin care but preventative hair care. By nurturing the scalp, head spas protect hair growth from the root onwards, and certainly before hair reaches a point beyond repair. Though there aren’t any shortcuts to glossy goddess locks, we know one thing for sure - if you want beautiful hair, you should probably stop neglecting your scalp!

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