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Why we’re excited about #Skinimalism (and you should be too!)

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Why we’re excited about Skinimalism

Word is that 2021 will be the death of the #shelfie. You know - that dazzling display of a beauty cabinet overflowing with products from each and every skincare category. Cleansers, exfoliators, primers, serums, treatments, toners, mists, bb creams, tinted moisturizers, sunscreens, night creams, face masks…you name it. It’s enough to make anyone wonder, “Do I really need all this stuff?” After our world was shaken in 2020, with people realizing the preciousness of our resources, shelfies have started to feel excessive, showy, and undeniably wasteful (not to mention, cliché).

Replacing Shelfies with Skinimalism

Shelfies are gradually being replaced by Skinimalism, a movement to embrace our bare skin and let our natural glow shine through. Skinimalism isn’t just lip service to the whole #unfiltered, #nomakeupmakeup thing. This is a new aesthetic where imperfections are perfect – pores, freckles, blemishes, texture, discoloration - the whole shebang. This is a huge contrast to the heavy contouring and baked makeup trends of the past. People are looking to flaunt what they got, rather than hide behind photo retouching, social media filters, and caked-on makeup. Skinimalism is predicted to boom through the rest of 2021. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Why? For centuries, the Japanese have followed a less-is-more philosophy towards skincare and beauty. Many of us have bought into the idea that the more products the better, but J-Beauty routines are (and have always been) simplified to the bare minimum. With just a few high-quality products that bring long-lasting results, there’s never the need to pile on a ton of products. It comes from great respect for the skin – the skin is a vital and delicate organ, that can be easily stressed out if tampered with harshly. Skinimalism also goes hand in hand with suhada, the J-Beauty concept of bringing out our natural glow, and feeling confident in our skin – and even more importantly, our selves. Suhada is right at home in a world where people are seeking authenticity and realism.

Why skinimise?

It’s healthier for the skin.

Though you might think you’re being skin-savvy with all that clever product layering, the more you pile on your skin, the more you risk overdoing it. Incorrect combining of active ingredients or trying out too many new formulas in a short timespan can sensitize the skin and lead to irritation, redness, breakouts, rashes, and other unwanted effects. Contrasting actives can even cancel out the benefits of one another if not paired wisely.

It’s healthier for our hearts.

Skinimalism at its core moves away from unrealistic beauty ideals, that cause us to obsess over fixing “flaws” and skin that is “less than.”

It’s convenient, realistic, and easy to stick to.

For many, skincare routines are like a daily meditation, and you’re more likely to show up when it’s easy to follow. A simplified routine means less stress and less thinking, thank you very much.

It’s more affordable.

Fewer products = less $$ poured down the drain.

How to skinimise?

Since skincare is so unique based on skin type, concerns, and goals, the Skinimalism sweet spot will differ from person to person. Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

1. J-Beauty multi-functional and all-in-one products.

Multi-tasking products such as the KEWTOPIA Handecorté and PERFECT ONE Moisture Gel tend to contain many active ingredients that are already formulated in the correct ratios for the skin to absorb easily, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not one product is compatible with another. Oftentimes, our amateur product pairings simply don’t cut it!

2. Quality over quantity.

Sometimes all it takes is to discover that one product (or two or three). The J-Beauty idea is that just a few high-quality products should do the job, day and night. For example, if you’ve got mature or dry skin, you might find all your hydration needs covered by the La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G.

3. Be intuitive.

Skinimalism isn’t just about using fewer products, but giving your skin what it actually needs in the moment. Even if it means one more step in your routine, if you feel build up on your face, don’t be afraid to tap into those enzyme powders!

4. Preventative skincare.

When your routine isn’t working as wished, instead of buying another product, you might want to make a shift in your lifestyle - sleep, water intake, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. (Hint: This is how the geishas did it!)

Though Skinimalism is about simplifying life, it is NOT about cutting corners and forgetting all the principles of good skincare. We want to be mindful of what products are necessary for our skin, and what’s just vanity clutter. What’s truly helpful, versus what’s burdening our skin. And isn’t that the whole point of skincare in the first place?

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