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Benefits of Tsubaki oil (camellia seed oil) for hair

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Benefits of Tsubaki oil (camellia seed oil) for hair

What is tsubaki oil?

Tsubaki (soo-bah-kee) aka camellia oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of camellia japonica, a gorgeous flowering tree native to Japan. The oil is prized for its beauty benefits in Japan by everyday women and industry experts alike. Not well known in other parts of the world, tsubaki oil seems to be one of Japan’s best kept beauty secrets. Let’s see what makes it the gold standard in hair care.

What are the benefits of tsubaki oil?

It’s easily absorbed. The great thing about most hair oils is that they coat each hair strand with a glossy finish and moisturize the surface of the hair. But if you’re relying on standard hair oils alone for hair repair, think twice. Most hair oils sit on the surface of the hair shaft, and do little to treat the hair from the inside-out. Tsubaki oil is an exception. It has the ability to deeply permeate the hair shaft, and strengthen hair from the inside to help prevent breakage and increase hair elasticity.

It’s nutrient dense. Tsubaki oil is comparable to olive oil in terms of its fatty acid breakdown, making it high in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and oleic acid levels. Both provide essential nutrients that fortify hair follicles, improve scalp health, and help prevent breakage.

It’s lightweight. In case you shy away from hair oils, just know that tsubaki oil won’t weigh you down. It won’t flatten your hair or make you look like a greaseball, but it can help to moisturize the scalp, improve shine and reduce flaking. This makes it an excellent choice for those with oily as well as fine hair types.

The science is real

Tsubaki oil is said to help hair withstand the harsh effects of hygral fatigue. We know, hygral fatigue sounds like some strange phenomenon straight out of chemistry class, but unfortunately, all of us are prone to experiencing it at some point if we’re not careful. Hygral fatigue happens when the hair follicles swell and release water repeatedly, and this is usually caused by over-washing or over-hydrating the hair. (Yes, you read that right. Too much moisture can actually make your hair feel dryer). The dismaying result is something we’re all familiar with – split ends, brittle hair, and stringiness.

Every time our hair is drenched and dried, the hair shaft takes a hit and gets more and more damaged. This is where tsubaki oil steps in to minimize the impact of this cycle. Tsubaki oil helps to reduce the absorption and diffusion of water, which means less stress on tresses that are prone to breakage. But the oil has yet another way of protecting hair. It can actually fill the gaps between our hair’s cuticle cells, effectively sealing the hair shaft from the entry of harsh chemicals and other damaging substances. Think of tsubaki oil as a barrier that not only smoothens the hair surface but blocks out liquids from seeping into the hair and causing unwanted friction.

Well, it’s pretty clear why tsubaki oil is the holy grail of haircare enthusiasts in Japan. But wait, there’s more. Keep a lookout for our upcoming post on tsubaki oil’s skincare benefits!


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