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Soil Soap Dish


About the Product:

This soap dish is made from diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring sedimentary rock. Due to its natural absorbent properties, this soap dish is highly breathable and won’t collect excess water or soap residue. Perfect if you are looking for an eco-friendly sustainable soap dish made of all natural materials.

Care Instructions: 

  • Rinse quickly with water and dry.
  • For stains, use a soft brush to rinse, or treat with light bleach and rinse.
  • For a decrease in absorbance, a quick rub with sandpaper will restore it to its original state. 


(Round) Size: .5”H x 4”Ø, Weight: 4.6 oz, Materials: Diatomaceous earth

(Square) Size: .5”H x 4”W x 4”L, Weight: 4.6 oz, Materials: Diatomaceous earth

Made in Japan