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2023 J-Beauty winter beauty tips for your zodiac sign

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2023 J-Beauty winter beauty tips for your zodiac sign


Aries is all about an efficient, quick, and seamless self-care routine that gets the job done. They’ll be pleasantly surprised by UNNATURALLY NATURAL The Treatment Lotion, a multi-tasking treatment that hydrates, brightens, firms, refines texture, and minimizes the appearance of pores in one slender bottle.



Winter is a valid excuse to indulge in the finer things of life, and Taurus is sure to take advantage of this. They’ll appreciate the luxe feel of the La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G. Cream, a fast-absorbing cream that offers extra hydration and protection without weighing down the skin.

La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G. Cream


Life of the party Gemini will want to stash a bottle of EDOBIO Fresh Balancing Toner in their purse this holiday season. Whether their skin needs a wake-up call in between social events, or some extra support amidst dry weather, the toner can be sprayed on anytime to keep the skin soft, smooth, and fresh. 

EDOBIO Fresh Balancing Toner


It’s no secret that Cancers are the emotional pack mules of the zodiac, and winter blues can wreak havoc on their skin. If they experience seasonal dryness, they’ll want to slather on the UNNATURALLY NATURAL Hydrate Rescue Cream for a quick pick-me-up. This rich cream hydrates without turning sticky, and is loaded in Japanese rice bran, marula oil, and vitamins that help protect the skin from damage.



Each season is a reason to reinvent a more fabulous you. Such is the motto for every Leo. They’ll enjoy the EDOBIO Glowing Night Gel Mask, a lightweight gel sleeping mask that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin overnight so that Leo wakes up to soft, supple, and beautiful skin. The mask is filled with skin saviors, including lactobacillus-fermented sake lees extract, the brand’s trademarked hydrating and brightening ingredient.

EDOBIO Glowing Night Gel Mask


The EDOBIO Masu Soap is recommended for this earth sign, as it’s both plant-based and practical for use all over face and body. Infused with natural ingredients like lactic acid bacteria, cherry blossom extract, green tea seed, and green tea leaf, the bar soap creates a souffle-like foam that gently cleanses while extracting dirt and excess sebum from the skin.

Edobio Masu Soap


Known for their effortless charm and beauty, Libra gals are show-stopping glow-getters that make radiant skin seem easy. Rinse-off clay masks like the EDOBIO Radiance Booster Mask are perfectly designed for this savvy and sophisticated sign. Infused with mineral-rich Okinawan kucha, the mask helps to repair and replenish skin that has been damaged by UV exposure, pollution, and dry air, leaving the skin brighter and hydrated.

EDOBIO Radiance Booster Mask

SHOP: EDOBIO Radiance Booster Mask


Scorpios are shrewd and ambitious when it comes to their skincare game. They’ll find that the EDOBIO Intensive Hydration Serum meets their demand for a powerful serum that guards against dryness all season long. It provides a double-layered hydration system of sake lees extract and botanical oil that both moisturizes and protects the skin barrier through harsh climate changes.

EDOBIO Intensive Hydration Serum  SHOP: EDOBIO Intensive Hydration Serum


Nothing, not even cold weather, stops Sag natives from exploration, so they’re bound to be on the move this season. Multi-tasking and travel-friendly products like the UNNATURALLY NATURAL Clarify Cleansing Balm should accompany them to all destinations. The balm has a lightweight cream-to-oil formula that melts away makeup, dirt, and excess sebum, and is gentle enough to be used around the eye area. At the same time, it replenishes much needed moisture needed in an on-the-go lifestyle.



Capricorns do not like to complicate things, and if they can kill two birds with one stone, even better. They’ll love the efficiency of the La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G. Emulsion, a water-based moisturizer that restores healthy levels of both water and oil to the skin. The emulsion is lightweight enough for the oiliest skin types, but can also be layered underneath denser creams for drier skin types that require extra hydration.

La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G. Emulsion SHOP: La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G. Emulsion


Progressive and tech-loving, Aquarians align with cutting edge brands that play their part to protect the planet. They’ll need to check out the La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G. Lotion, an essence toner infused with proteoglycan extracted from tossed-away salmon heads and AP ceramide derived from discarded Aomori apple cores. Not only does the brand win on the sustainability front, but all their product formulations are researched-backed with science.

La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G. Lotion SHOP: La Vie Précieuse MOIST A.P.G. Lotion


This water sign is a fan of anything holistic, clean, and earth-friendly, so they’re bound to fall in love with the vegan and cruelty-free UNNATURALLY NATURAL collection. The brand’s Vitamin C Oil Essence is infused with fermented plant extracts and essential oils like marula and jojoba that give the skin a glowing finish, perfect as a base coat for makeup or showing off your natural complexion.


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