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6 Japanese Winter Skincare Tips

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5 Japanese Winter Skincare Tips: avoid dry flaky skin

Dry, flaky and cracked skin? Irritation and redness? If this sounds like your list of annual winter skincare woes, you’re not alone. But you need not fear the cold season! With just a few tweaks in your skincare routine, you can spend less time worrying about your skin and more time enjoying all the beautiful things winter has to offer. Here are 5 simple yet effective Japanese-inspired skincare tips to get you on track this season.

Winter Skincare Tip 1 : Exfoliate, but do it right

In colder months, the skin gets dry quickly and tends to build up dead skin cells along the way. That said, there are a couple key points to keep in mind about exfoliation. First, even if you’re tempted, don’t go overboard! Just 1-2 times per week will suffice. You certainly don’t need to exfoliate every day. Second, not all exfoliators are created equal, so choose your product wisely. We tend to equate exfoliation with “scrubbing”, but effective exfoliators gently slough off dead cells to reveal healthy, glowing skin. We’re personal fans of KITAO Matcha + Chia Exfoliating Gel.

Winter Skincare Tip 2 : Swap out your fall moisturizer for a winter one

This one’s pretty much a no-brainer, right? But you’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t take this into account when their skincare regimen isn’t producing the same results it did in warmer months. If you’re feeling extra parched this season, you may want to step up your game with a rich yet fast-absorbing moisturizer such as the La Vie Precieuse MOIST A.P.G. Cream.

Winter Skincare Tip 3 : Drink hot matcha tea for glowy skin

Matcha is a superhero in the world of green tea. Unlike most green tea varieties grown in direct sunlight, matcha is grown in the shade. This multiplies the chlorophyll content of the tea leaf, allowing matcha to deliver a high concentration of free-radical fighting antioxidants to your skin. Free radicals break down the skin’s collagen, which can lead to skin sagging, wrinkles, fine lines, dark name it. (In layman’s terms, matcha can help combat skin aging). The anti-inflammatory properties of matcha are also said to curb redness caused by acne and rosacea. Of course, you might also want to include matcha-based products in your skincare routine, such as the KITAO Matcha collection.

Winter Skincare Tip 4 : Invest in a high-quality facial steamer

How often do you go to the spa? Hands down, that’s a silly question, given the state of the world in 2020. But even in normal times, going to the spa requires time, energy, and not to mention, a fat wallet. Thankfully, there’s an alternative you can take advantage of right at home this winter. Facial steamers are a popular DIY option for spa facial treatments in Japan. We recommend facial steamers that utilize nano-sized steam particles, as these tiny steam particles easily penetrate the skin, open up pores, and replenish moisture. They can be used in the morning to prep the skin for makeup application, or at night to deep cleanse the skin of impurities prior to usual skincare regimen. Japan is known for its innovative skin-care tools, and facial steamers are no exception!

Winter Skincare Tip 5 : Indulge in a soothing warm bath

Baths hold a special place in the hearts of Japanese people, and it’s no wonder, as they are therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. When done the right way, baths can support your skincare efforts as well. In any bathing ritual, water temperature is key. Warm baths (100 to 104 °F) are soothing and help to improve circulation throughout the skin. Anything too hot, and you risk drying out your skin. Japanese people also include a variety of skin-revitalizing and nourishing bath salts in their rituals. You might want to try a Japanese mugwort yomogi-based bath salt to calm inflamed conditions such as eczema, a collagen-infused bath salt to plump and nourish the skin, or a Japanese citrus yuzu-based bath salt for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. These are just a few of the many possibilities you can explore with bath salts. Winter skincare woes, begone!

Winter Skincare Tip 6: Sleep your way to good skin

We spend a good third of our lives snoozing, so we might as well make the most of our beauty rest with a trusty overnight mask. Unlike traditional face masks that are washed off after a matter of minutes, sleeping masks are applied at bedtime and work their magic on your skin all throughout the night. Sleep is when our skin goes into major repair mode and when most of the cell turnover and renewal process happens. Our skin can get pretty dehydrated and dull in cold weather, which is why taking advantage of this crucial window could make the difference of night and day. The EDOBIO Glowing Night Gel Mask is a lightweight option that blends so smoothly you’ll hardly notice it, but plumps and softens the skin thanks to its synergistic combo of sake lees extract and ceramide-rich ingredients. If you’re looking for a quick and fast nighttime routine, we recommend the KITAO Matcha & Chia Night Hydration Mask. Another lightweight gel formula, this mask harnesses the power of superfoods matcha, quinoa, acai and chia seed to make sure you wake up feeling ultra-hydrated and glowing.

EDOBIO Glowing Night Gel Mask

KITAO Matcha & Chia Night Hydration Mask

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