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4 New Year’s J-Beauty Resolutions for 2022

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4 New Year’s J-Beauty Resolutions for 2022

With a new-year beginning, so also dawns a new chapter for all things beauty-related. If there’s anything the last two years have taught us, it’s that as a society we continually adapt to the ups, downs, and plain unexpected twists and turns of life. Thankfully, we also evolve along the journey, and with that comes a smarter and more progressive approach to beauty. If you’re ready to level-up your game for the upcoming year, read on. Here are four major trends you’ll want to keep in mind when making your 2022 New Year’s beauty resolutions.

1. De-stress with an ofuro

With many people dealing with the after-effects of a post-pandemic world, cleansing rituals are highly sought after, and this now extends to bathing culture. Demand for improved hygiene has gone beyond basic hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. Baths are taking center stage, and cleansing is being seen as a sacred time to heal the body, soothe the mind, and nourish the soul. Bathing culture is big in Japan, be it a trip to the sento, onsen, or a comforting at-home ritual. If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of bathing, this is your year to spend more quality time in the tub!

2. Invest in blue light protection

Sun protection has always been a top priority in J-Beauty, but this year you’ll want to select sunscreens with blue light protection benefits. The ongoing pandemic’s stay-at-home model gave us a chance to digitize our lives, but the soar in screen time has also increased our exposure to blue light. While research on blue light’s harmful effects is still underway, studies show that it may contribute to hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and premature aging. More and more companies, including J-Beauty brands, are focusing their attention on blue light protection, which is predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2022. In fact, many J-Beauty brands have already released sunscreens that shield the skin from blue light, near infrared light, and UV rays. Get a head start on your blue light protection with J-Beauty SPF, which comes in a diverse range of creams, gels, powders, milks, sticks, sprays, and primer options.

3. Skinify your hair routine with scalp care

Another trend that’s expected to be at an all-time high in 2022 is enhanced scalp care, aka “skinification.” It simply means that we’ll be seeing more hair care formulas that utilize ingredients traditionally used in skin care, such as squalene, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and botanical extracts. The scalp is skin, and though it has been underappreciated, it deserves our TLC. However, scalp treatment has long been at the forefront of J-Beauty hair care, with many at-home head spa devices that offer salon-grade treatments that mend the scalp, purify hair follicles of product buildup, and reduce hair thinning and dandruff. If you’re on the quest for glossy goddess locks, you’ll want to check out the high-tech features of Japanese head spas. They’re also usually portable and convenient for busy people on the go.

4. Get eco-friendly with waterless skincare

Green-conscious beauty buffs are embracing waterless beauty products, which are formulated without water for more perks than one. These eco-friendly products are not only more concentrated than their water-based counterparts, but they offer lighter shipping weights and tend to be longer-lasting than liquid products that accumulate bacteria easily. This also makes them more hygienic. For J-Beauty options, lean into  Japanese enzyme powders and bar soaps, which can be activated at home when needed and stay on your shelf for months without degenerating. 


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