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If you love Hyaluronic Acid, check out this J-Beauty brand Kewtopia

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If you love Hyaluronic Acid, check out this J-Beauty brand Kewtopia

If you’re a fan of the J-Beauty less-is-more philosophy, Kewtopia is one of the brands you want to follow. Kewtopia’s approach is simple, but far from simplistic. They’ve formulated their own forms of hyaluronic acids, and each serves a specific function. Newsflash: Not all Hyaluronic Acids are created equal! Here’s a quick profile of their trademark hyaluronic acids:

Hyaloveil leaves a surface coating of hydration on the skin surface (hence the name “veil”)

Hyalo-Oligo is a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that penetrates deeply into the skin for long-lasting hydration

Hyalocatch captures and retains 3 times more water than regular HA

Hyalorepair supports the skin’s protective barrier

HAbooster like all HAs delivers moisture to the skin, but the real game-changer is that it accelerates the skin’s collagen cycle and decomposes old collagen for renewed, plump skin.

Let’s take a look at two hyaluronic acid packed Kewtopia products that made their U.S. debut just recently.

Hyalo One Moisture Serum

The Hyalo One is the holy grail for the ultimate skincare minimalist. An arsenal of all 5 Kewtopia original hyaluronic acids, the Hyalo One is a skincare force to be reckoned with. It also contains Vitamin E, which fights free radicals and supports the skin barrier function, and hydrolyzed eggshell membrane, which boosts production of type-III collagen (type-III is the collagen that gives babies their supple, soft skin). No wonder you can replace your entire skincare routine with this all-in-one serum.

What we love about the Hyalo One is that it delivers powerful results no matter the skin type. Yes, sensitive skin types included. Its oil-free gel consistency makes it incredibly gentle and lightweight, yet it permeates deeply into all layers of the skin for plump skin round the clock.


Did you know that research shows that besides the face, the majority of women feel most self-conscious about their skin in their neck, hands, and decolletage regions? These delicate areas of the body are equally (if not more) prone to sun exposure, dehydration, and other skin-damaging factors. It’s strange that we put a great deal of effort into taking care of our faces, but often neglect to give these parts the love they deserve!

At the same time, with so many products on the market for just the face alone, it can be overwhelming to keep up separate routines each for the hands, neck, and decolletage. That’s where the Handecorté can be a true asset in your skincare regimen. It is a hand, neck, and decolletage treatment all rolled into one tube. The Handecorté incorporates 3 Kewtopia original Hyaluronic Acids: the Hyaloveil, Hyalo-Oligo, and HAbooster.

But the Handecorté isn’t just about HAs. It also contains skin-replenishing ingredients that work in tandem to nourish the skin.

Rice grit ceramide helps to retain skin hydration

Passion Fruit Extract supports lymphatic drainage and helps de-puff the skin

Elastin strengthens collagen bonds

Jojoba oil, rice wax, and shea butter ensure long-lasting hydration

It’s no surprise that this multi-functional cream helps to firm, smoothen, and hydrate the skin all in one step. And yes, the Handecorté is essentially a moisturizer, but it’s also designed to work as a night massage cream when you’re in the mood for some extra pampering.

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