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Mozuku seaweed: The Japanese superfood linked good health and beautiful skin

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Mozuku seaweed: The Japanese superfood linked good health and beautiful skin

Long has Japan’s Blue Zone Okinawa held the attention of longevity researchers worldwide. Just a three-hour plane flight from the nation’s capital Tokyo, the island is home to some of the longest-lived people on the planet. What are Japan’s centenarians eating, drinking, and doing differently that allows them not only to live to a ripe age, but embrace the aging process with health, happiness, and dignity? It turns out that one of Okinawa’s most beloved superfoods is a factor at play and could also be a well-kept secret to beautiful and youthful skin.

What is mozuku seaweed?

Mozuku is brown algae grown in the coastal waters of Okinawa. Although seaweed is a common staple in the Japanese diet, mozuku has special healing properties that set it apart from generic seaweeds. Unlike red and green seaweed, this brown seaweed contains a high concentration of a unique polysaccharide fucoidan that is said to have antitumor, antiviral, anticoagulant, antioxidant, anti-thrombotic, and anti-inflammatory effects. It also contains a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which may explain why nutritional deficiencies tend to be rare on the island.

How is mozuku enjoyed?

Unlike the popular dried nori that is enjoyed in sushi or over a bowl of ramen, mozuku is typically consumed raw to preserve its health benefits. Occasionally it is found deep-fried or in soups, but the most iconic preparation is dressed simply with sweet vinegar or soy sauce.

Does mozuku have beauty benefits?

Mozuku is said to have a beneficial impact not only on the skin but on nails, hair, and eyelashes. It may help curb inflammation caused by UV ray exposure, improve elasticity, hydrate skin, and reduce the formation of wrinkles, spots, and sagging. Like other seaweeds, it also supports strong nails and healthy hair growth. Overall, mozuku has a detoxifying effect on the body due to its insoluble dietary fiber content, which stimulates the digestive tract and helps to flush out excess waste. Whether you’re trying to lose that beer belly or get glowing skin, mozuku is a definite companion that helps reset the body inside-out.

Where can I find beauty products containing mozuku?

Mozuku can be a rare find even in Japanese beauty products, but Japanese beauty brand UNNATURALLY NATURAL is making waves when it comes to natural skin solutions that deliver while making peace with the planet. Each product comes decked out in sustainable packaging and is carefully formulated with research-backed ingredients that are vegan, clean, and cruelty-free. UNNATURALLY NATURAL’s The Treatment Lotion looks sleek and simple, but it is no ordinary milk toner. It contains Okinawan mozuku extract for skin-tightening, brightening, and reparative effects. This is among other stellar ingredients, like squalene, hyaluronic acid, kiwi seed oil, and tocopherol that together help restore healthy hydration levels, balance the skin, and smooth skin texture. There is seriously a lot going on in The Treatment Lotion thanks to its many skin saviors, and it is said to be so effective that it prepares your skin for the rest of the skincare regime. Not only is it designed for self-care, but it’s also a helpful makeup remover and handy gym companion to refresh the skin post-workout.

If you haven’t gotten the memo, mozuku is a pretty incredible superfood. Not only does it deserve a place in our diets, but in our beauty cabinets, too. In the quest for better living, we may never find eternal youth, but we’ll take longer life any day, and if our skin can age more gracefully while we’re at it, that’s an added bonus we say yes to.


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