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Food influencer Sylvia Wakana Interview - J-Beauty Spotlight

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Food influencer Sylvia Wakana

Introducing a new blog series titled “J-Beauty Spotlight,” where we interview key individuals in Japan who are passionate about skincare and self-care as well as rituals and practices that are uniquely Japanese. Join us as they reveal their stories and secrets revolving around J-beauty. 

1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Sylvia Wakana Gunde, and I’m half-Japanese, half-white-American living in Los Angeles. I’m a creative working in social media, specifically in the food industry, consulting with clients and creating content, along with running my own social media accounts and blog that specializes in Japanese food culture.

2. How and why did you become a food influencer/YouTuber?

While I have worked in social media for brands and influencers since 2010, I didn’t start my own until around 2017. I’ve always loved food and cooking so it felt natural to share my love with others as a passion project.

3. What is a typical day like for you (routine)?

Even though I’m a creative and love flexibility, I thrive off of keeping a strict morning and night routine. I love waking up, doing my skincare, making a cup of tea, journaling, and then planning my day in detail. I find that this is important to keep me on top of work as my tasks vary greatly day to day.

4. What are your current favorite skincare products?

I’ve recently been trying to focus more on my skincare from within and really simplifying my skincare routine. I drink lots of water and enjoy fermented foods, which help keep my skin clear and fresh. I have, however, been in love with KITAO’s matcha products - specifically the KITAO Matcha + Chia Essence Lotion and KITAO Matcha + Chia Cleansing Cream. Both matcha and chia seeds are superfoods that contain so many great ingredients for your skin, so being able to apply them externally as well really allowed my skin to enjoy the full effects.

KITAO Matcha skincare products

5. Why is skincare/self-care so important to you?

Self-care is so important to me since I am naturally an anxious person and also a giver. Taking time for myself allows me to feel my best which allows me to give my best and be helpful to others.

6. What are some of your favorite things/places/activities in/about Japan?

My favorite things in Japan are, of course, my family and friends. I also just love walking around different areas and neighborhoods in Japan, especially new places I’ve never been to before. In Los Angeles, most people drive and don’t walk much so it is very refreshing to be able to do that. It helps me be mindful of the moment and really enjoy all the different things to see.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Skincare isn’t just about keeping your skin nice, but a way to show yourself that you love yourself. It should be about you and allowing yourself to live your best life and the little rituals and routines can really make a big difference.

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