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Foaming net, foam maker, or your hands? Foaming tools for face washing

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Foaming net, foam maker, or your hands? Foaming tools for face washing

We’ve introduced the benefits of cushion foam cleansing, as well as the best way to create a cushion foam to achieve supple, mochi skin. But what we haven’t mentioned yet is that there is more than one way to achieve a fluffy cushion foam to cleanse your face. In this post, we will introduce three foaming tools you can use to create a cushion foam.

The foaming net

As we’ve mentioned in our previous post, using a foaming net is the quickest and surest way to create a dense yet fluffy foam for the ultimate cleansing experience.

Japanese foaming nets are a great asset for a better cleanse, and they also help stretch the life of your cleanser so that you make the most of your product. Foaming nets create a rich foam made of micro-bubbles that can  gently cleanse your skin and remove all the impurities and dirt from the surface of the skin.

For proper use, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and wet your face with lukewarm water.
  2. Put a pea sized amount of foaming cleanser on a wet foaming net.
  3. Hold both sides of the net and rub it in a circular motion. Add a bit of water to create more foam.
  4. Once your foam is fluffy and dense, extract the foam from the net. Hold the net with one hand, while flattening the net with your other hand.
  5. Gently press the foam on your face without making direct contact with your skin. There’s no need to rub or massage the foam on your skin. The micro-bubbles will do all the heavy lifting!
  6. Rinse the foam off your face.
  7. Rinse and hang-dry the net.

Foaming nets are an affordable option, and don’t take up much of your vanity space. It’s perfect for those who are frequently on the go and need to save space for other items in their travel bag as well.

The facial cleanser foam maker 

You may have seen these on platforms like Instagram or TikTok, made viral by beauty influencers. Facial cleanser foam makers are compact, cylindrical containers, usually made of plastic, which come with a lid, disk, and a pumping stick, where the disk has a hole in the middle for the pumping stick to go through.

Like foaming nets, foam makers are easy to use as well. First, apply your facial cleanser to the surface of the disk at the bottom of the container. If you’re using a soap bar, scrape it across the surface of the disk. Next, pour a small amount of water into the container, using the measurement on the inside of the container as a guide.  The density of the foam will vary depending on how much water you decide to use. Finally, this is where the foaming magic happens - while making sure the pumping stick is through the hole in the lid, put the lid on the container and move the pumping stick up and down to create foam, all while making sure the lid is secured so the foam inside does not overflow.

Many people find the foam maker a fun, easy and affordable way to create a dense yet fluffy foam for cleansing, however, the one downside of this foaming tool may be that it does take up more space of your cabinet than a foaming net and more cumbersome to take it with you when traveling.

Your hands

And, of course, we cannot forget the most basic option – our hands. Even if you do not have a foaming net or foam maker in your vanity, you can always create a fluffy lather with water and your cleanser of choice. This method may take more time than when using a foaming net or foam maker, but with a bit of patience, you can still achieve a cushion foam that will gently cleanse your skin without friction.

The best way to gradually create a cushion foam with your hands is to take your cleanser of choice, add a small amount of lukewarm water and begin lathering. As the lathering motion begins to create some bubbles, add more water until you have a mound of fluffy, cushion foam. Gently cleanse your face with the foam, and rinse with water.

Our recommendations

KITAO Matcha + Chia Enzyme Powder

This exfoliating washing powder is made with organic matcha (ECO-CERT certified), chia seeds, quinoa and acai. The powder transforms into a dense foam when combined with water. Its gentle granules help buff away dead skin and impurities trapped within your pores, while the gentle papaya extract brightens and refines.

Recommended for: All skin types including sensitive skin

Paraben free, Phthalic Ester free, synthetic coloring free, petroleum mineral oil free

Real Bell Black Charcoal Facial Wash

Achieve clear skin with the power of charcoal. If you have oily, combination, or acne-prone skin, this charcoal facial wash is perfect for you. Cleanse your skin by removing any impurities that have accumulated over the year for a fresh, clean slate.

A purifying cleansing foam made of Kishu Binchotan (highest grade activated charcoal), jojoba seed oil, amino acids, squalane and algae extract. This gentle foaming cleanser will remove makeup and dirt from deep within your pores.

Recommended for: Normal, Oily and Combination Skin

Fragrance free, mineral oil free, paraben free, dye free. 

Edo Cosme Rice Bran Facial Wash

This is gentle facial cleansing exfoliant scrub that contains rice bran which nourishes and softens the skin with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E to improve dull skin and unclog pores for brighter, more radiant skin. Rice bran is ultra-moisturizing and prized in Japan for its anti-aging effects. This facial cleansing polish gently removes dirt and impurities while moisturizing the skin.  

Recommended for: Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination Skin

Alcohol free, mineral oil free, fragrance free, colorant free.

Mutenka Sekken Kobe Sake Cold Process Soap 

Handmade by artisans in Hyogo, Japan, this handcrafted soap is made of Japanese sake extracts derived from rice to help soothe and moisturize the skin for a more radiant complexion. Japanese sake is rich in anti-aging amino acids and helps to hydrate and brighten the skin.

You won't notice the aroma of the Japanese sake, but rather a hint of hinoki oil. We recommend this for those who do not find the scent of Japanese sake appealing but are interested in the benefits it has to offer.

There are 8 other different types of bar soaps made from different ingredients. Choose what’s best for your skin.

Artificial fragrance free, preservative free, colorant free.

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