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Face, neck, and hand skincare – what’s the difference?

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skincare for your neck and hands

Should you bother about your neck and hands in your skincare routine? Long story short – yes. Sure, you could just extend your regular facial routine downwards to your hands and neck, to keep things simple. But the skin on your neck and hands is surprisingly different from that on your face, and it would benefit from specialized attention. That said, do you really need to put together entirely separate routines for each? We’re relieved to go against the grain and say “no, not necessarily.”

Why should you take care of your neck and décolletage?

The skin on our necks and décolletage is much thinner than skin on our faces. While this makes it more elastic, it also means it is more easily stretched. It doesn’t help that in modern society, we are constantly straining our necks, glued to our phones and devices – an issue commonly known as “tech neck.” Our neck adjusts as we rotate our heads up and down and side-to-side, which can lead to wrinkling and sagging. Not to mention that the neck is a hot spot for UV exposure. The recovery time for sun damage on the neck is longer, too – once the neck takes a hit, it takes its own sweet time to repair itself.

A lesser-known fact about the neck is that it doesn’t contain as many oil glands as the face, which means it cannot produce its own natural oils very well. While this makes the neck less prone to breakouts, it also asks that we dial up our self-care efforts, and take care to actively replenish moisture with thicker humectants and hydrating creams.

We also shouldn’t forget that the neck plays a crucial role in lymphatic drainage. The lymph nodes clustered in the neck region are designed to filter out toxins and excess fluids before they reach other parts of your body. When these lymph nodes get overworked or damaged, skin concerns such as loose skin and puffiness can appear more pronounced on the neck than they do on the face.

Don’t forget about the skin on your hands!

Like our necks, our hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging. The hands receive an incredible amount of UV exposure, yet many people tend to neglect this area when applying SPF. The skin on the back of our hands is especially thin and produces fewer natural oils, leaving it prone to dehydration. At the same time, the skin on the palms of our hands is one of the thickest in the body, and requires more intensive hydration. It doesn’t help that we’ve currently got the added challenge of needing to frequently wash and sanitize our hands, which can further strip them of moisture, leaving them rough and scaly.

Couldn’t you use your face cream interchangeably on your hands, too? Technically yes, but face creams tend to be lighter than hand creams, and won’t always quench the needs of your hands. On the flip side, hand creams have a thicker consistency than most face moisturizers. While this could clog pores on the face, causing acne and irritation, it’s likely to be just what your hands have been seeking.

Where should you begin?

If you’re ready to kick it up a notch with your neck and hand self-care game, but you can’t realistically see yourself sticking to new routines, we recommend trying out a multi-functional product such as the Kewtopia Handecorté. The Handecorté is a neck, decolletage, and hand treatment all rolled into one tube. Seeing that the common denominator between these regions is that they require more intensive moisture than the face, it’s no surprise that the cream boasts three of Kewtopia’s signature hyaluronic acids – HAbooster, Hyaloveil-P, and Hyalo-Oligo. Together, they boost hydration, accelerate the skin’s collagen cycle, and decompose old collagen for long-lasting plump skin. It would also make sense that the Handecorté includes passion fruit extract, which supports lymphatic drainage and helps to de-puff your neck. And considering that our neck and hands simply don’t secrete oil the way the face does, it’s a relief that the Handecorté features plant-based ingredients shea butter, rice wax, and jojoba oil.

Let’s face it – our necks and hands work hard. It’s about time we give them the love they deserve!

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