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The costs of Japanese beauty products vs. all the rest - why they deliver more value

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Costs of Japanese Beauty Products and Why They Deliver More Value for Your Money

While beauty standards certainly differ from one culture or country to another, and trends come and go, you should definitely take a look at Japanese beauty products. Perhaps you have considered Japanese beauty products in the past but decided they were just too expensive. 

If this is true, we invite you to take a second look! Although some Japanese beauty products may seem more expensive upfront, by and large, these products deliver significantly more value for your money. When you consider the following current beauty trends, Japanese beauty products fit the bill in virtually every category. 

Natural ingredients

Fears over the chemicals we are constantly exposed to, and what those chemicals do to our skin, body, and environment, have fueled one of beauty’s biggest influences over the past two decades. This natural movement has seen consumers switching to green or organic alternatives, closely checking the ingredient lists for the beauty products they use.

La Vie Précieuse skincare brand delivers in the “natural” category, while offering superior quality and performance. The A.P.G in La Vie Précieuse combines three natural ingredients. The “A” in the A.P.G. stands for Aomori apple extract. This apple-derived ceramide was discovered after years of research. The ceramides reach every part of your skin, enveloping the water in the skin, filling it with rich moisture. The “P” stands for Proteoglycan from the nasal cartilage of salmon. Proteoglycan offers water retention that is 1.3 times that of hyaluronic acid, aiding collagen to ensure supple, elastic skin. The “G” stands for glycyrrhizinate, an extract from the licorice root, which is also grown in Aomori. Glycyrrhizinate softens skin, allowing vastly increased permeation of the other ingredients while providing a double moisture retention structure.

Another J-Beauty brand, KITAO, which offers a more reasonable price point, combines organic matcha, quinoa, acai, and chia seeds for stunning results. The Chia seeds are extracted by a cold press method, bringing calcium, minerals, and essential amino acids to your skin. Quinoa originated in the Andes region, and provides supple, elastic skin. And acai, which grows and survives in a severe environment, contains a wealth of skin-loving nutrients.  

The perfect blend of nature and science

Beauty trend experts believe we will see more and more brands and products that integrate science into natural skin health. Although the ingredients found in La Vie Précieuse skincare line is certainly natural, science played a huge part in the creation of these products. As an example, one of the key ingredients—which won the prestigious NEXTY Award for the Best New Ingredient at the Natural Products Expo West in 2017—is proteoglycan. Proteoglycan was once prohibitively expensive to obtain until researchers from Hirosaki University in Aomori came up with a safe and efficient extraction method from the nasal cartilage of a salmon. The “drop of beauty,” finally became within reach, 40 years after its discovery. 

Conscious consumerism

Consumers are buying less as we become more aware of the impact our purchases have on the health of our planet. Perhaps you’ve heard the terms “minimalist beauty” or “slow beauty.” These terms mean buying fewer beauty products but purchasing products which offer a wider variety of benefits. This “less-but-better” attitude is a concept Japanese beauty products have incorporated for decades.

KITAO Matcha uses ECOCERT certified organic matcha harvested in Kyoto, for a more sustainable production process and beauty routine. The La Vie Précieuse line is also committed to reducing environmental harm as their apple-derived ceramides come from unused waste that was a byproduct of the juicing process. The breakthrough extraction method of proteoglycan allows the reuse of salmon heads, which would otherwise be thrown out.    

So, while it’s important to find the best beauty products that fit your budget, be sure to look beyond the price. Many Japanese beauty products may seem expensive at a glance, but once you get to know the ingredients and the long-term benefits it brings to your skin and the environment, you’ll want to reconsider.

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