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Hasami Porcelain Incense Sandalwood


What it is:

Collaboration between Hasami Porcelain and Nippon Kodo, one of Japan's most renowned incense makers in Japan. The incense set comprising of 24 incense sticks are contained in a beautiful glass tube and cork stopper. The incense sticks are all handcrafted in Japan with a burn time of roughly 20 minutes per incense.

※The incense stand is not included in this product.

  • Sandalwood scent: A blend of soft sandalwood and Chinese medicinal herbs for a mellow and sweet woody scent.

Size: 24 incense sticks (4'' L)

How to Use

Place in an incense holder, light tip, and gently blow out flame once tip is red.

Be sure to burn only on a heat-safe surface and do not leave unattended. Ash may fall on surface while it burns and can stain or discolor surfaces. Do not soak incense in water. Keep out of reach from children and pets.


Incense stick, glass tube, cork top