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A Curated Destination for J-Beauty

There’s more to J-Beauty than the iconic brands you see today at beauty stores in the U.S. Vegan skincare made by the pioneer of herbal skincare. Or the anti-aging lotion derived from salmon cartilage! Those are just to name a few. Japan is full of high-quality, innovative beauty rooted in centuries of research and technology — and there’s a whole universe you’ve yet to discover. 

So where do you even start? From timeless skincare routines to the latest breakthroughs, and beauty brands never before introduced to the U.S. ­— The JBeauty Collection is a curated destination to help you navigate through the wonders of J-Beauty. 


Meet Ayako and the J-Beauty Connoisseurs

Hi there! I’m Ayako, your J-Beauty guide. Throughout my career working in both the U.S. and Japan, and my experience working in strategic marketing for numerous Japanese beauty brands, I’ve developed a keen eye for beauty. One day, walking through the aisles of a beauty store in the states, I immediately saw an opportunity to introduce undiscovered J-Beauty brands to the U.S.

The JBeauty Collection is curated by a diverse team of beauty experts with a mission to demystify the Japanese beauty philosophy to American beauty lovers.

You don’t have to travel 6000 miles and spend hundreds of hours scouring through Japan to find the best of the best in J-Beauty. We did all of that for you.