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APFR / Brass Incense Stand


A beautiful Apotheke original incense holder made of brass. The product design was done by sculptor Emiko Makino. Each one is carefully handcrafted.

What it is:

This product does not have any plating or painting, and is a hand-made pure brass stand specifically designed for bamboo-type incense sticks. In order to make use of the brass material texture, the surface has been finished to a slight degree, but as you use it, the tint will darken little by little, for a unique appearance that allows the beauty of the brass material to shine through. 

How to use:

  1. Place the stand on a flat surface, and remove any nearby objects that may burn easily.
  2. Set the incense in the pipe, and after the tip has been lit, blow out the flame and allow it to smoke.
  3. Some ashes may fall outside of the stand, so you may want to place a nonflammable tray or dish underneath the stand.
  4. Do not place the stand near an air conditioning system or in direct wind while the incense is smoking. 

How to care:

One of the characteristics of brass is that the color and texture changes over time from use. Like the aging of leather goods, one of the charms of brass material is enjoying the aging process.

If you would like to achieve the original brilliance and color, we recommend gently polishing the stand with the 3M sponge polish. By using the polish step by step from the coarse-grained to the fine-grained, it will result in a beautifully polished product.

Please note, it is recommended to avoid polishing the stand’s pipe that holds the incense, as this may damage the product.

Made in Japan

*The label design of the actual product shipped may be slightly different from the product image.