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Foaming Net

Foaming Net


About the product:
Transform your foam cleanser or your bar soap into a creamy cushion foam. This foaming net allows you to create a rich voluminous foam which reduces the amount of friction on your skin while cleansing. This product is handmade in Japan. 

How to use:

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 2: Wet your foaming net in lukewarm water.

Step 3: Apply a pea-sized amount of your cleansing foam or take your favorite bar soap.

Step 4: Gently rub your foaming net in a circular motion and start making a lather. Add some water to create more foam.

Step 5: Squeeze out the foam from your foaming net and apply on damp skin. 

Care Instructions:
After cleansing your skin, throughly rinse your foaming net and hang it to completely dry.