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Japanese Beauty Brand Spotlight: ORBIS

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Japanese Beauty Brand Spotlight: ORBIS

We’ve got our eyes on Japanese beauty brand ORBIS.

Going strong for over 30 years in Japan, ORBIS hardly needs any introduction in the island nation. It’s no surprise that it’s won several Japanese beauty awards, with its commitment to scientific research, quality, and innovation.

These days, we’re enamored with the ORBIS U Series. For one, the U Series is in total alignment with our less-is-more mentality. With only 3 simple steps to hydration, it embraces the Japanese beauty philosophy of minimalist skincare.

But perhaps what we love even more, is that the U Series is preventative skincare at its core: With consistent usage over time, it helps increase the skin’s inherent capacity to retain moisture, bounce, and radiance. The goal here isn’t to make your skin dependent on products. Rather it’s to provide an environment for your skin to thrive and revive its latent powers - many of which have been suppressed by modern lifestyle.

The ORBIS U Series zones in on hydration, and it targets skin dryness on a cellular level. Why target dryness on a cellular level? Well, here’s what happens when your skin cells are dehydrated. Dehydrated skin cells contain fewer water channels for moisture to flow. This results in restricted moisture and shriveled-up skin cells. Even if you don’t have naturally dry skin, your skin takes a hit when exposed to UV rays, air pollution, and even stress. Well-hydrated skin cells have more water channels available, allowing moisture to circulate throughout all 3 layers of the skin.  You can think of each skin cell as either a bouncy or limp water balloon, depending on its water channel availability.

The ORBIS U Series ups hydration with its key porin booster ingredient, a blend of eelgrass extract, peach leaf extract, and cornflower extract. Key porin booster expands water channels for increased plumpness and a youthful glow.

A complete routine is so simple with only 3 steps:

ORBIS U Wash: Moroccan lava clay wash - This foaming facial cleanser offers deep cleansing and penetrates pores to draw out impurities. The foam acts as a protective barrier that guards skin against abrasion, scratches and tugging at the skin. The cleanser also deposits hydro-catch ingredients on the skin to prime it for the next step, the ORBIS U Lotion.

ORBIS U Lotion: Rich watery melting lotion - This fast-absorbing lotion is different from a toner. It melts into the skin upon contact, releases its key porin ingredients and permeates the skin with moisture. As a result, a hydrating veil is left on the skin.

ORBIS U Moisture: Soufflé jelly moisturizer - As the last step, this seals in moisture in a protective veil. It feels airy yet at the same time drenches the skin with hydration for a radiant, youthful glow. Fun fact: The texture of this moisturizer was inspired by a soufflé cheesecake, so it’s definitely lightweight!

A common misconception is that if your skin feels oily to the touch, your skin isn’t dehydrated. Even if you don’t experience surface dryness, your skin cells might be dehydrated on a deep cellular level. So all face skin types can benefit from this minimalist skincare routine. Oily and normal skin types - you need not shy away!

We think this Japanese beauty brand is going exciting places. Keep a lookout for more news on ORBIS!

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