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How can Japanese beauty gadgets support your skincare routine?

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How can Japanese beauty gadgets support your skincare routine?

Home to some of the biggest household names in the electronics world, it’s no surprise that Japan has invented a number of unique beauty gadgets. If you like to keep your self-care simple, you might feel intimidated at first by their futuristic look. Do these gadgets really deliver the results they promise, and are they worth the price tag? And how do they even work? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular beauty gadget categories from Japan, to help you make your best beauty choices.

1. Facial Brush Cleansers

While Japan certainly has a plethora of tools in this department, a common purpose of Japanese facial brush cleansers is to whip up a rich foam, gently massage the skin, and provide a thorough cleansing. Facial brush cleansers go hand-in-hand with J-Beauty foaming cleansers, since they work together to clear up clogged pores without making direct contact with the skin. Manual brushes (which resemble makeup brushes in appearance) are often made by a soft, high-quality material such as goat hair, that gently cleanse the skin without leaving scratches. Electronic brushes create a dense micro-foam in just a few seconds, to draw out impurities from pores and wash away stubborn makeup, without straining the skin. The brush helps to improve blood circulation in your face, as well as encourage increased skin cell turnover and collagen production.

2. Premium face rollers 

A step up from your standard jade roller, premium face rollers are designed to mimic the experience you’d receive from an esthetician. The two 360-degree multi-angular balls are usually coated with material like platinum, and glide along the most subtle contours on the face, jawline, neck and decolletage to decrease puffiness and increase suppleness, firmness, and radiance. Some premium face rollers come equipped with a solar panel that draws in light to stimulate the skin with a gentle microcurrent. If your premium face roller is waterproof, even better – you can massage your way to more youthful skin while soaking in the tub. For the full experience, we recommend using your premium face roller after your daily routine, for better absorption of your skincare products.

3. LED Treatment Devices

Designed to give you an in-home salon experience, LED treatment devices utilize red, yellow, and blue LED light rays to target specific skin concerns without a trip to the esthetician or dermatologist. Some tools utilize all three light types, while other tools hone in on one ray color. If you’re looking to trigger collagen production and curb inflammation, you’ll want to find a tool that offers red LED light. Red light tools are best to reverse visible signs of aging, and leave the skin feeling firmer, lifted, and smoother. Yellow light tools are best for brightening dull skin, while blue light tools help to reduce sebum production and destroy acne-causing bacteria. Like premium face rollers, LED treatment devices should be paired with high-quality J-Beauty creams, serums, and essences, as the LED light enhances better absorption of products into the skin.

4. Facial steamers

For a while now, facial steamers have been a popular at-home spa treatment option in Japan. Many Japanese facial steamers utilize nano-sized steam particles, as the tinier the particles, the easier they permeate the skin, open up pores, and restore moisture. They also help to soften the dirt and oil trapped inside pores, which allows the skin a more intense cleansing experience (blackheads, we mean you). Plus, when the skin is damp and warm, it’s easier for it to absorb skincare products, so facial steamers can help take your daily routine to the next level. For this same reason, many Japanese women prefer to steam their faces prior to applying makeup – it simply allows a fresher canvas to work with.

While we don’t recommend relying on J-Beauty gadgets alone, they can provide excellent support to an already in-place skincare routine. Though they’ve often been overlooked in the past, nowadays people are turning to beauty gadgets to recreate the in-salon experience at home, more than ever before. It’s an exciting emerging area, and we can’t wait to see what new innovations Japan brings to the table!

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