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Kick off 2021 with our gift box: J-Beauty New Years Box

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A gift box for New Year 2021 J-Beauty New Years Box

Yup. You heard that right. We’re doing ANOTHER J-Beauty box! We got so much love from you all for our last box, that we’re rolling out a second gift box just in time for New Years 2021. We know you dig brands who keep their standards high, so this time we’ve put together an assortment of brands committed to clean beauty and sustainability. Like our previous box, each product has been formulated carefully with thorough research, and taps into natural ingredients from Japan.

Here’s what inside:

La Vie Précieuse Moist A.P.G. Emulsion

Many of you are already fans of this luxury skincare line. Their Moist A.P.G. Cream was a hit in our previous box, so this time we’re including the Moist A.P.G. Emulsion. The emulsion is the second step in the three-step line, and is meant to envelope the skin in a protective veil after the Moist A.P.G. Lotion, and prep the skin for the final step with the Moist A.P.G. Cream. It does this by restoring a healthy balance of oil and water to the skin, so you’ll really get a lot more out of the lotion and cream when used in the right order. Like the rest of the line, the emulsion is formulated with skin-fortifying heroes proteoglycan, licorice root extract, and apple-derived ceramide. La Vie Précieuse deserves a special mention for sustainability: Proteoglycan is extracted from discarded salmon heads and the ceramide is derived from apple cores grown on their own farm in Aomori. Way to minimize waste!

Kewtopia Handecorté

Kewtopia is genius at coming up with skincare solutions for the ultimate beauty minimalist. If you (like us) fell head over heels for the Hyalo One, you’re going to love the Handecorté. The Handecorté is a hand, neck, and decolletage treatment all rolled into one tube. The Handecorté incorporates three of Kewtopia’s original hyaluronic acids: HAbooster, Hyaloveil-P, and Hyalo-Oligo. Together, they not only restore moisture to both the surface level and deeper layers of the skin, but they accelerate the skin’s collagen cycle for round-the-clock plumpness. The Handecorté also includes a number of skin-replenishing ingredients - rice grit ceramide, passion fruit extract, and jojoba oil, just to name a few - to ensure long-lasting hydration. As usual, Kewtopia keeps their clean beauty standards high - free of parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors.

Perfect One Moisture Gel

Perfect One’s forte is coming up with multi-functional products that target several skincare steps in one go. True to its promise, the all-in-one Moisture Gel takes the place of 6 essential J-Beauty skincare products - it serves as an essence toner, emulsion, cream, serum, face mask, and primer. That may sound like a tall order, but this moisturizer boasts 7 different types of collagen and 50 hydrating ingredients, so it’s no wonder that it’s able to moisturize, plump, brighten and smooth the skin. We’re particularly excited about Japanese Murasaki Root extract and Gotu Kola, both of which support the skin’s natural collagen production, as well as Pashanbheda extract, an ayurvedic herb that helps to brighten and plump the skin. Not to sound like an herbal medicine encyclopedia or anything...but it’s pretty awesome to see these ancient herbs from all across Asia come together in one jar! Oh, and by the way, the Moisture Gel is free of parabens, artificial color, and synthetic fragrances.

Biolab Créme Brillante

Biolab’s Créme Brillante is an age-defying powerhouse of 80+ botanical ingredients, some of which they’ve harvested organically and grown directly on their own farm. Biolab’s commitment to plant research is noteworthy - they’ve been studying plants for over four decades and committed to handpicking only the highest-quality ingredients. For example, the Créme Brillante contains the potent alpine rose extract. The alpine rose is a plant native to the Alps, and has the ability to survive nearly 100 years through harsh climates. So we’re not kidding when we say this stuff is naturally powerful. The Créme Brillante also utilizes skin-brightening Japanese peach extract, sourced from the “peach mountain village” of Japan. Biolab found that village peaches unripe and unfit for consumption, yet still perfectly good for topical use, would go to waste. So they salvaged these skin-heroes and formulated them into their product. The Créme Brillante qualifies as a clean beauty product - free of parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors.

Kick off the new year on the right foot! We’re offering this $348 value at the incredible price of $45 for a limited time until January 31st. Click here to start going clean and sustainable in your skincare routine in 2021.

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