The JBeauty Collection

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– About the JBeauty Collection –

A whole universe of J-Beauty you've yet to discover.

Japan is full of innovative, high-quality skincare products, rooted in centuries of research with unique natural ingredients. Yet, so little is represented in the U.S. That’s why we've handpicked the best of the best in J-Beauty, never before introduced to American beauty lovers. Be one of the first to try them out! 

– The J-Beauty Essence –

Minimal Skincare Routine

Focused on quality over quantity, the J-Beauty routine is usually simplified to the bare minimum. Because each product brings long-lasting efficacy, there is no need to pile on a ton of products to your skin.

Natural Ingredients 

Trusted for centuries in the realm of traditional Japanese diet and herbal medicine, Japan is full of nature’s treasures that work wonders for your skin. 

Research & Technology

Backed by a history that values meticulous research and precision, Japan has a track record of developing breakthrough skincare formulas and technologies.

The J-Beauty Box

– Discover 4 beauty & wellness brands from Japan.

– Learn about the latest J-Beauty innovation & ingredients.

– Get access to $300 value products for just $40.

*There is a maximum limit of 2 box purchases per person.

*Orbis Trial Set is not included for purchase

– What's in the J-Beauty Box –


La Vie Précieuse

Unlock your skin's power to hydrate. Discover the breakthrough ingredient from Aomori, Japan.

Apple-derived ceramide

A unique ceramide derived from Aomori apples. This skin-saver acts as a protective barrier that prevents your skin from losing moisture.


A breakthrough ingredient extracted from the nasal cartilage of salmon. Has 1.3 times more water retention power than hyaluronic acid, while supporting the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Extracted from Aomori's Tsugaru Licorice Roots. Helps brighten skin and acts as a skin softener allowing all the nutrients to permeate deep into your skin.

Featured Product

Moist A.P.G. Cream

$ 195

Size : 1.41 oz. (40g)

A fast absorbing cream that locks in all the hydration and nutrients for long-lasting plump skin.

How to use :

Apply as the last step in your skincare routine. Dab 5 small dots onto your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Take another small amount into your hands and warm it up. Gently massage the cream throughout your face and neck




Bring the bounce back. 5 functional hyaluronic acids*. All in one serum.

1. HAbooster™

This ultra-low molecular weight HA* not only boosts hydration, it accelerates your skin’s collagen cycle and decomposes old collagen for long-lasting plump skin.

2. Hyalocatch

Captures and retains 3 times more water than regular HA.

3. Hyaloveil®-P

A veil that clings to your skin for hydration that lasts longer.

4. Hyalorepair®

Enhances your skin’s barrier for protection.

5. Hyalo-Oligo®

Low molecular weight
HA* penetrates deep into your skin
for intense hydration from the inside out.

Vitamin E

Fights free radicals & strengthens skin’s barrier function

Hydrolyzed eggshell membrane

Boosts collagen production

Featured Product


$ 80

Size : 1.76 oz. (50g)

Replace your entire skincare routine with this all-in-one serum. Boosting five functional, multi-weight hyaluronic acids*, this moisture gel serum hydrates, brightens, firms, and protects your skin.

How to use :

Apply right after washing your face. Distribute a pearl-sized amount over your face and neck, and gently press your palms over your face to warm up product so your skin absorbs all the goodness.


*Includes hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, structurally modified hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate.



Organic matcha-infused skincare. Get glowing skin with superfoods. 


Matcha is packed with powerful antioxidants like Catechin, Polyphenol and Vitamin C which work wonders for aging skin. It's also known for reducing inflammation for improved complexion. KITAO uses ECOCERT certified organic matcha grown in Kyoto, Japan.

Chia Seed

Chia Seeds are rich in calcium, minerals and essential amino acids. It's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich properties offer excellent benefits for youthful-looking skin.


Quinoa has been a staple in the highlands of the Andes and called the "grain mother" in ancient times for its various health benefits. Quinoa also helps with skin elasticity for healthy and plump skin.


Acai is known as a valuable nutrient among the indigenous of the Amazon rainforest long before the 15th century. It's full of antioxidants like Polyphenol, Iron and Vitamin E, essential for beautiful skin.

Featured Product


- Matcha + Chia Cleansing Cream

QTY: 1  Size : 0.1fl oz. (3g)

Dissolves makeup and excess oil while protecting your skin’s moisture level.

- Matcha + Chia Enzyme Powder

QTY: 1  Size : 0.04fl oz. (1.2g)

Loose powder turns into rich foam when added to water. Gently exfoliates and gives your pores a deep cleanse.

- Matcha + Chia Essence Lotion

QTY: 1  Size : 0.1fl oz. (3ml)

Softens and rehydrates the top layer of dry skin, delivering powerful antioxidants.

- Matcha + Chia Facial Cream

QTY: 1  Size : 0.1fl oz. (3g)

Locks in moisture while replenishing your skin with potent antioxidants and firming ingredients.



Juroku Cha

16 ingredients. 1 unforgettable taste.

Traditional Japanese Grain and Botanical Tea

"Juroku" means sixteen. "Cha" means tea. Juroku Cha is one of the best-selling unsweetened, caffeine-free teas in Japan. Blended with 16 different all-natural grains and botanicals, carefully selected and individually roasted for a unique and uplifting flavor.


The JBeauty Collection

Be one of the first to try it out.

Get access to $300 value products for just $40.

Be one of the first to try it out.

Get access to $300 value products for just $40.

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