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J-Beauty summer skincare tips for every zodiac sign

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J-Beauty summer skincare tips for every zodiac sign

Eager Aries 

Aries, you are all about working smarter, not harder, so you want a routine that’s efficient and simple. Skinimizing your skin space this summer is exactly what you’ll need to stay sane. Clear unnecessary clutter from your beauty cabinet, ‘til you find the keepers – products that add value to your life and get the job done.

Indulgent Taurus 

Sure, you’ve got a penchant for the finer things in life, but you also know when to save and when to splurge. You’ll find J-Beauty premium face rollers a worthwhile investment this season, since they depuff, firm, and add radiance to the skin, while enhancing the absorption of your skincare products. 

Fun-loving Gemini

It’s no secret that you’re spending most of your time outdoors this season! We’re all for fun in the sun, but we’re not for sunburns and wonky skin issues. You’ll want to look for a quality J-Beauty sunscreen of at least SPF 30 with PA+++ or higher. And hey, you’re a bit of a scatterbrain, so make sure to keep a bottle in your purse so you can reapply throughout the day.

Emotional Cancer

It’s basic, we know, but Cancer you really need to watch out about sleeping in your makeup on summer nights that don’t go your way! We love your sensitivity, but if you get in the habit of passing out without washing off, you could wake up to breakouts, dryness, inflamed skin and simply looking like you didn’t sleep at all. Plan early and find the right type of cleanser for you, so you’re taken care of no matter your mood that day.

Flaunt-what-you-got Leo

Leo, let’s face it. You’re the Queen of the Zodiac and you’ll need an equally worthy superstar to assist you center stage this season. You’ll love kojic-acid infused bihaku products that help brighten dark circles, reverse hyperpigmentation, and give you a radiant glow. So you can shine bright like a diamond.

Perfectionist Virgo

Virgo, you dot your i’s and cross your t’s with everything, including your cleansing ritual. If perfection is what you seek, a J-Beauty facial brush cleanser will be your best friend in drawing out every last impurity and trace of dirt this summer. Make sure to pair it with a foaming cleanser, which helps to clear out clogged pores and blackheads without making direct contact on the skin.

Flirty Libra

Romantic and flirty Libra, we bet you’ll be spending many summer nights getting ready for a hot date. We all know that date-worthy makeup starts with flawless skin, so you’ll want to take your date prep to the next level with a facial steamer. It’ll not only help open up pores and replenish moisture, but also absorb your skincare products for smoother makeup application.

Obsessive Scorpio

We joke that you’re obsessive, Scorpio, but if you’re really looking to hone in on a specific skin issue this season, check out J-Beauty LED skincare devices. They’re designed to give you an in-home salon experience, without a trip to the esthetician’s office. Red, yellow, and blue light rays help to target specific skin concerns such as anti-aging, brightening, and acne.

Trailblazing Sagittarius

You’re always ahead of the game in your self-care efforts, and you venture beyond the trends. When it comes to rice wine, you’re not just about sake bombs at sushi parties. You’re curious about its skincare benefits too. You’ll want to explore sake-infused skincare this season, for a brighter, smoother, and clearer complexion.

Practical Capricorn

If you want a reliable and sensible routine this season, look no farther than time-tested fermented skincare ingredients. Products containing fermented skincare ingredients are potent since they’re highly concentrated in 4 actives – ceramides, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and peptides. Plus, they’re easily recognized by your skin and easily absorbed.

Original Aquarius

You’re not afraid to try new things, and that goes for your sun protection efforts as well! Take inspiration from Japanese women, who go the extra mile with umbrellas, sunglasses, hats, and full-length gloves even on cloudy summer days. Young people in Japan experiment with trendy parasols and accessories, and you just might have a blast experimenting as well.

Otherworldly Pisces 

Like Aries, you’re all about Skinimalism this season – but for totally different reasons. You’ve got a spiritual side to you, and you’d rather show off your Suhada glow than pretend to be something that you’re not. The biggest benefit of skinimizing for you is feeling confident in your skin, and at peace in your heart.

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